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Thread: Controlling weight gain through pregnancy

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    Default Controlling weight gain through pregnancy


    Has anyone got any tips about controlling weight gain during pregnancy? I know that you are not supposed to diet but I also know that a good balanced diet will save too many extra kgs from piling on.

    I need ideas for healthy snacks, diet regime and exercise.

    I have recently lost 4kgs after the birth of DD2 11 months ago. I was walking on the treadmil 5 days per week for 30/40mins. I also cut out alot to sugar and carbs.
    Should I continue to follow this regime whilst pregnant?

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    any vegie snacks (carrot sticks, cellery)
    fruit salad
    fruit smoothies
    icy poles (fruit juice ones)

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    Bek, your plan sounds good to me. As long as you don't go insane with your diet, are sensible with foods and don't cut out important nutrients and vitamins, you will be fine.
    I only put on 10 and 9kgs with both of my pg's. (Sadly for me it's not pg that put weight on me it's stopping working that did it!) I ate pretty normally both times, and my diet isn't wonderful (though not dreadful either) with my second pg I even had chocolate every day or two. An craved KFC and maccas which I didn't give into often but maybe once a fortnight or three wks or so I did. I also walked a bit pushing the pram.
    My advice...don't stress, eat when you're hungry, eat normal foods and what you want and don't go nuts, either way!!
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    I put on 6kg when pregnant (and DD was almost 4kg LOL). I was overweight before I got pregnant and although I didn't go on a diet I obviously majorly cut down on alcohol AND watched my portion sizes. I was generally a pretty healthy eater beforehand anyway, I was just eating way too much. So although everyone says don't go on a diet, one person's diet is just normal, healthy eating for others.

    In terms of what to eat, well I don't think you can go past the lots of fruit and veggies option and there's nothing wrong with meat and three veg for dinner as your staple. Limit anything fried and fatty but don't do faddy no carbs diets, there's no need.

    Happy to say I'm now 6kg LESS than when I got pregnant.

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