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Thread: Curves gyms + portion control with eating

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    Thumbs up Curves gyms + portion control with eating

    hi there

    Just thought I would throw my 2 cents worth in: I can highly recommend the circuit gym "Curves" - there are heaps around and you are probably aware of the 'brand'. I go 4 to 5 times a week. They recommend a minimum of 3 times per week but I like to go a bit more than that.

    I also follow portion control that weight watchers teaches.

    Truly, these 2 things work for weight loss - some exercise and not having big amounts of food each day.

    You will notice the difference.


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    I totally agree.. brilliant gym ( i used to own ) and fantastic workout.. Love it and still go now.. 30min is definlity a hard enough work out.. even if you are not fit or super fit.. suits all!

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    Good on you! Not sure how much wieght you have lost but sounds like you are onto a winner!
    A few q's -
    Is it expensive to join? What is the approx monthly membership fee? What time are they open until? Can you take kids- do they have a babysitting service?

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