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    i had lost a heap of weight and was down to 3 kg off my goal weight before chrissy. now i tried to put my shorts and jeans on and they are tight again. i just feel fat and frumpy and i reckon i have put on about 5 kg which has set me back about 2 months! i know i have to get back to business, gym and diet but man it sux!

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    Yep i am hearing you its a horrible cycle. i am about 8 kgs from my goal weight and am finding it almost impossible as i am Bfing a NB and have a toddler to run around after. I will be good for a couple of days then crumble in a heap when i have a tough day i also find it really hard to get time to excersice. I find its 2 steps forward one step back. Dont be too hard on yourself it sounds like you were doing tremendous. The 2 months will fly by and you will get there.

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    I had a blow out at Chistmas also which is really depressing, but hey, it is a lapse, that is all and you have to enjoy your life even if that does mean over indulging at Christmas time.

    The best thing is to get back into the healthy eating and exercise and you'll be back on track in no time.


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    In normal life (i.e. after you're at your goal weight) Christmas will still happen, and you will still gain a little weight which will come off in the New Year. It is hard when you're losing to see gain and natural to think of it in terms of a backwards step, but in fact MOST of us gain a little over the festive time and lose it again afterwards, and it is a normal part of our life. If your clothes fit but are tight it's likely that you've gained about 3kg, rather than 5kg, i'm 181cm (plenty of places for my body to "hide" chub where i might not notice it) and i still go up a dress size for every 4-5kg gained.

    Try something new at the gym this year, it will freshen you up, keep you interested and get your body's attention which will lead to an initial boost in your weight loss.


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