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Thread: fernwood prices and gyms in Rothwell QLD

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    Default fernwood prices and gyms in Rothwell QLD

    hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me how much a membership is with fernwood gym? i have just moved to the rothwell area in qld and am looking for a good gym. also, if anyone goes to the rothwell fernwood, what are their child minding hours and how do you find the place on a whole? any other gym recommendations in the area?

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    I called fernwood (Rothwell) last year and it was pretty expensive sorry I cant remember the details exactly, I ended up going to the gym in Margate, its on Oxley Av about a block before Woolies, I think its called BodyWorks. It was good as you could pay fortnightly, there was no admin fee and for $5 a week you could use the child minding facilities as much as you liked. Oh and if you wanted to stop you just gave them 2 weeks notice and they would stop the direct debits. Oh and you could still have regular programming sessions with a personal trainer.

    Good luck

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    Are all Fernwood gyms on the same fee scale? We have Fernwood down here too and I was wondering what they charge these days... I do recall them being very expensive when i looked into it about 8 years ago.

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    i got around to calling them and they are too much for me, $20 a week for 12 months plus 99 bucks for joining fee. $3.50 for each child minding session, $6.50 for two kids. plus they only have child minding from 9-11:45or something similar (cant quite remember). bummer, i was looking forward to joing up with em. oh they have a flexi membership where you only have to give 2 weeks notice any time but its 25 a week.

    i am gonna check out body works thanks MiMo

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    LOL Mimo, i just spent ages googling body works! the one you are talking about is called healthworks! :-) it looks good, so how much are the fees there? it might be a few days before i get to call em.the creche hours are GREAT!

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    Bath - if you're looking for a gym - try your local YMCA. I am using the one in Greensborough for PT. I only go for PT sessions. But their standard fees are great. And I can recommend a great instructor to do your plans

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