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Thread: Help! Cant shift this pudge of fat, any ideas?

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    Default Help! Cant shift this pudge of fat, any ideas?

    Dont throw things at me but Im 8wks post partum and under 60kgs which Im happy with. I just need to get on with toning up some jiggly bits from having the three kids.

    My biggest issue though is this little pudge of fat that sits right under my navel (not my whole abdomen, just maybe a hand size pudge). Im not sure if its exclusive to me or a general after-kids thing but it makes my tummy look odd and Im at a loss at how to shift it.

    Any ideas, apart from sit ups? Or does it just disappear with time?

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    LOL I think it needs time if it goes away at all. After 4 kids I don't expect mine to now and I'm 52 kilos

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    Move to Melbourne, wear layers, and put any fitness off until the panic of Summer.

    Looking forward to seeing how you go though Anna! You can do it!

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    focus on your pelvic floor and core strength.....

    Pilates does wonders to any abdominal flaws as it starts on the inside and works towards the outside. So don't expect any changes immediately (other than feeling great) but it will happen. I've just had my second bub and I've been consistently going to pilates and my tummy is nice and flat! I can't believe it, its truely better than before I had my two kids!

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