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Thread: I need to hear some success stories

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    Default I need to hear some success stories

    I have finally decided that the time has come for me to loose some weight- and I really think I am in the right frame of mind to do it this time. My goal is to loose 30kgs by the time I am in 30 (Jan 4th 2010) so it gives me 12 months to get to (or as close as possible) to my goal.

    I would love to hear some success stories of people who have actualley mananged to loose large amount of weight (and keep it off). I am under no disillusion that it is going to be hard work- but I feel ready for it. I am going to do it the old fashion way with diet and excercise- I am consulting a dietician and I have just found myself a personal trainer who does group out door training session in my area (and he does them at 6 am which fits perfectly with my schedule). I feel like everything is slotting into place this time to make it work.

    I would love to hear success stories of people who have done it- I need to feel like this hurdle is not to big to conquer!

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    just wanted to say that i think you've got every chance of succeeding, as you've taken the right steps to do it the right way- a dietician and PT are, imo, the best avenues to take. well done and best of luck with it!
    from what i've seen, the good old fashioned ways of a healthy diet and regular exercise are the most effective ways and get the best results.

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    After my preg with DD2 in 2007 I was feeling awfully fat at 100kg's, so 3 months after her birth (caesar) I started exercising and watching what I ate. I was also breastfeeding my DD2 so I think that helped heaps, my food didn't really alter that much I just added exercise to the equation and the weight started to fall off. I started in May 07 and by March 08 I went down to 70kg's and felt wonderful!!! Its amazing how much energy and confidence I was feeling!!!!!

    Another goal was to gain a preggy belly with baby #3 (I have PCOS so need to be a healthy weight to fall pg naturally) and 4 months later we fell pg with a little girl due in February!!!! I'm now rather large at 32 weeks with this baby but I'm not worried about that as I've done it once before and will definately do it again when this baby is born!!! I cant wait lol!

    Anyway, it can be done I really think motivation is the key (there was also a study done recently in America) where money motivation is good but just any desire that you want might help you lose the weight. Mmm does that make sense?

    So best of luck



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    My New Years Resolution this time last year was to lose weight. As you can see from my ticker I am succeeding.

    You really sound like you have got the right plan in place, and if your brain has made the choice, to do it for yourself, then likely you will suceed.

    My weightloss is still a work in progress, but I KNOW I will never put it back on again.

    I have adopted a very different eating pattern for myself. as well as doing a stack of exercise (myself and through group personal training).

    I can honestly say it is THE best choice I have ever made for myself, my health and my family.

    It is hard, BUT I am even happier now than I have ever been, so the journey is a great one for me.............

    Please feel free to have a look at my weight loss blog which has been going for nearly a year has scary before and during shots too!

    I wish you every bit of positive motivation to suceed: you will not regret it! Good luck! This hurdle is not to big to conquer!

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