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Thread: I need some motivation and help!

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    Default I need some motivation and help!

    Ok ladies I have lost 16.5Kg since Jan 15th this year..

    But i have 10 more Kg's to go in 8 weeks.. So that is average 1.25kg a week which is fine.

    But what else can I be doing but exercising and eating heathy to ensure I make my goal before i go overseas.

    What little things haev you found added to your weight loss, or what tips do you have for me.


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    Good on you for losing 16kgs!! That is great!

    IMO a kg a week when you have already lost a fair amount of weight is a big ask. I know you have a goal but it is better to aim for a loss of around 500g per week. When you lose larger amounts over a short period of time you are more likely to put that weight back on very easily.

    Personally I would just keep doing what you are doing and tho it may take longer than you ideally, want the result will be better in the long term.

    Sorry if this is not what you want to hear

    Keep up the great work.

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    keep ur water up it will help flush everything out.
    get lots of sleep.
    if u dont get 1.25kg one week then be more determined the next week dont let it crush u. if u dont get there in the 8 weeks then try ur hardest while ur away to be good.
    dont forget a loss is a loss, i know easier sad then done.
    PM me anytime u want to i will help keep u motivated. even if it is to babble so u wont eat anythign bad lol.

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    What a fantastic loss. I am jealous!

    I lost 15 kgs in just over a year, but to lose 16.5kgs in a few months is amazing.

    i had a reassessment at the gym last week and they told me not to take into account what the scales are telling you but to go off measurements after such a huge loss. You will be gaining a lot of muscle now and losing fat but the scales may not move downward as fast as they used too.

    I have about 5-6kgs to lose and i know this may be wrong but i have cut out dinner. I go to gym whilst the family is having dinner, so i don't get tempted into eating. And after a good workout at the gym, i don't feel like eating anyhow and it's usually after 7pm when i get back, so the kitchen is closed for me.

    Good luck..

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