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Thread: Interesting info on TTC and full fat dairy

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    Default Interesting info on TTC and full fat dairy

    Hey guys,

    I am currently reading The Fertility Diet and it has some really interesting information on full fat foods and how they are better for ovulation and TTC than low fat food.
    The book says to avoid low fat/skim milk and other dairy altogether and have at least one serving of full fat dairy a day.

    I've tried this for the past month and it is fabulous. And I haven't gained any weight - which I thought I might. Full fat dairy is so much tastier than low fat!

    Just thought I'd share. The book is absolutely worth getting!!
    S X

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    I converted to full fat milk when I was TTC #1, and have not looked back... It is so much better to drink full fat milk... I guess when I finish childbearing and breastfeeding I will go back to skim, but for now.. YUM...

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    Default Full Fat Dairy

    Yes! I agree with you there.

    Full fat (normal) dairy products are better for us than skim/skinny/lite/low fat/no fat etc etc... Often low fat dairy products have skim milk powder added to them, making them much higher in lactose and casein. This makes them more likely to cause allergies and irritations, especially of the mucous membranes.

    Our bodies are much more suited to digesting foods in their natural 'whole' state, and not foods that are altered, refined or fragmented. When it comes to dairy, milk that is unhomogenised is even easier to digest - and if you can find certified organic or bio-dynamic dairy products, that are free from added chemicals even better! Sheep and Goats milk products are also brilliant, and are easily assimilated by our bodies.

    In my clinic, I tend to recommend fermented dairy products such as yoghurt, quark (a European soft cream cheese), kefir and certain cheeses. They are all easier to digest due to the fermentation process, and they add wonderful probiotic substances to our digestive tract.

    That said, I also believe that dairy products are made by cows for calves, and we should limit our intake. An average of one serving per day is sufficient for most people - especially when TTC.

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