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    Default It's time!

    So, after browsing through photos of myself on FB, I've decided I really need to get my butt into gear (literally, lol) and lose some weight! The earlier photos (from around my wedding) I looked quite nice, and thin! I was about 60kg which is an ideal weight for my height (165cm). Then, the later photos... ICK! I want to look nice and thin again, and have the extra energy that being fit brings, and which I'm going to need once DS can crawl/walk!

    I was overweight (95kg) before I fell pregnant. Then, due to morning sickness I lost about 6kg. Now, 3 months after my DS was born I'm about 93kg.

    So, I need to lose about 25-30kg to be back in a healthy weight range.

    My plan:

    -to build up to walking every day, and eventually throw in a bit of jogging. I'll be taking DS with me in his pram, so that will add a bit of resistance. There is a 10km road race in my city in July that I will enter and walk in
    -start using my DH's home gym for upper body strength
    -and the big one... eating healthy! This is the one I struggle with the most.

    It's a pretty basic plan, but it's better than nothing right?

    So, please... cheer me on, motivate me to keep going! Any exercise/healthy food ideas would be great too. I'm really slack when it comes to cooking a decent meal for dinner, so any ideas for me overcoming that would be appreciated too.

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    Oh great for you hun. I'm also trying to get my mind around losing some weight. I only need to lose 10kg, but it seems like 50kg!!!

    And believe me, basic is SO much better. You have a good plan there, now just sticking to it ...

    Anyhoo ... GO, GO, GO

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    You'll be great honey just take it slow and steady and it'll be for life

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    Good on you Sterla!!! It does sound like a good plan.

    Don't forget it takes 21days to form a new habit, but it can take up to 45 days to break an old habit!! Try not to be too hard on yourself if you stuff up; just do the 'right' thing at the next meal.

    RE food. I find the most beneficial thing to be knowing your portions. Don't cut out everything you love or you will resent being on a 'diet' and sabotage yourself with treats or overindulging. Everything in moderation. Have a look at Weight watchers online, having the accountability really helps.

    Take measurements rather than just relying on the scales and weigh yourself only once a week.

    All the best

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    Have you thought since you sound great with the exercise and maybe try Weight watchers or something online?

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