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Thread: The Lazy Persons Guide to Weight Loss...

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    Wink The Lazy Persons Guide to Weight Loss...

    When it comes to weight loss, I am definitely a lazy person. I thought it would be great for us to post our best weight loss tips for the lazy person, (or the motivated person having a blah day).

    Tip #1:
    Eat cereal in the morning. Heck I can't be bothered to whip up an egg white omelette on rye bread. Put cereal in a bowl and cover it with milk? Now that I can do.

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    Tip #2: Don't bother getting up to go to the fridge, or cupboard. Stay on the couch and eat nothing.
    Just kidding.

    My best lunch idea when dieting is to take a big handful of salad greens on my plate and add some tuna. A little salad dressing, and there you go - quick, easy, healthy, and very low-calorie, and I like how it tastes, too. What more can you want?

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    Say no to that slice of cake.

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    Dirnk alot of water to help keep you full. And you'll pee alot so extra exercise walking to the loo, hehe.

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    No?? Really

    Tip #3 give up dairy... your diet becomes very restricted & lower in fat content.

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    Dont eat te kids left overs - even if it was your fav meal.


    Yes, that "little packet of chips / choc" will hurt later on.

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    great thread !! and some great ideas.

    - although we're all busy women - make time for exercise. And it doesn't have to be 30-60 minutes. If you have to - set aside 15 minutes every day (get up earlier, or set your alarm during the day) and just do 15 minutes of exercise (skipping, step ups, sit ups, jogging around your backyard....)

    If you can manage 15 minutes.... try doing that 2 or 3 times a day.

    - and walk to the shops/post box/school etc... if you normally jump in the car for a ride that's less then 1km - get into the habit of walking instead.

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    My best tip is something i have just recently adopted - when i have finished my lunch, i usually like to have a bikky and a tea. so, we need to stop the bikky - and replace it with cucmber! a cucmber leaves me feeling so fresh and clean - dont feel like that bikkie anymore!

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    It takes more time to drive to KFC than it takes to make tuna salad !!!!!
    Ok, so that is for bussy ppl ... hmmm lazy weight loss tips ....

    Pull in your tummy and butt everytime you walk up or down stairs!! You know that posture that your mother was always talking about, well if you get your core strong (by strengthening your abs and back) you look taller and thus look thinner. Thinner in 10 seconds with the right posture

    Oh and my favorite - no butter on sandwitches.

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    Porridge is fabbo - you can shove it in the microwave too for true laziness and no washingupness (and yes, DS eats his in a jug from the microwave once it has cooled).

    Dance along to the radio while you make your coffee.

    Carrot sticks and cucumber sticks are best for diets when you don't pile them high with dip :smackhead: - that's my weakness!

    Look at your baby/toddler as a set of weights, all of a sudden carrying everywhere is a good thing!

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