thread: Loose weight and be healthy

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    Dec 2004

    Loose weight and be healthy

    My husband and I have discovered this software called calorie king.

    You put in your age, height and weight, daily activity level (excluding daily exercise), whether you want to loose weight or maintain weight etc, and it works out how many calories you are meant to be having per day, and also splits this into fat, carbs, fibre, carbohydrate and protein and how much you need (or are alowed) per day.

    It has a huge list of foods that you select from (pretty much everything), and you put the selected food into the meal you had that for ie breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. You can also make up your own meals and put in your own foods and own exercise.

    I find it absolutely fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone. Whether you are trying to loose weight or just want to be healthy, it's fantastic.

    If you go to dietclub on the web, you can get a free 14 day trial.


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    Jackie Guest

    Ohhh, Ilike that site, it tells me I'm in the healthy weight range