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Thread: losing the last few kg?

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    Default losing the last few kg?

    I have lost about 9kg since ds was born 5 mths ago but for a few weeks now I just seem to be staggering around the same weight.
    Mostly I still have a lot of tummy, and I know this will not completely go unless I under go some major fitness routine which just isnt me...
    anyway, I dont expect washboard abs, I just want to loose another 2-3 kg. What do you suggest? Keep going as I am or do I need to really up the bar to get this last bit off? Or should I just accept what I am at as what might be my natural comfortable weight range? ... after all I dont want to go hard on losing the last bit only to put that wieght back on again.

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    Ahhh, the all-too-familiar plateau. You probably just need to change things up a bit, most likely your exercise routine. I have had some success in the past (have hit 4 plateaus over the course of my 22kg weight loss) with changing my eating patterns, but exercise is easier to do well.
    Just add a new activity, it can be in place of something you currently do, or additional. Try yoga, or swimming, or aquarobics, or running, or walking up more hills, or cycling. Something you don't already do. The idea is that using different muscle groups at a different rate will "shock" your body into burning more energy.
    My tip is to replace what you're currently doing with something new. That way if you hit another plateau you can go back to it...

    Good luck!

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    Have you tried the Calorie King website? It really helps you count and control your calories.

    I also agree with the previous poster, adding a new activity or exercise sometimes does the trick.

    S X

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    thanks, Yes I use CK - but havent checked in for a few weeks cause I felt bad about not losing the weight!
    I have taken on the exercise advise, thanks again both of you

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    Stop eating artificial sweeteners. eating artificial sweeteners is big reason to gain weight. Eating vegetarian food is the best choice.

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