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    Red face Naturopath - to lose weight

    Ok ok, i've tried the shake/bar diets and yes, they help me lose weight (i lost 15kgs once) in a very short amount of time, yet eventually, i always put the weight back on.... (I'm sure a few of you here can relate)

    I saw a photo of me last night that shocked me. I need to lose weight, and NOW. It was the kind of photo that you look at that makes you think "i have to do something about this" like on those tv shows! where something clicks!!!

    I want to see a Naturopath... i've been told this is probably one of the smartest ways to diet and to lose weight in a long term and healthy way. I need to lose 20kgs to be a healthy normal weight again for my height and frame. We're ttc #1 at the moment however this has been put on hold for a few weeks whilst i wait for AF to actually arrive (after a recent early m/c).

    I think losing weight will also boost my fertility levels and make me feel better all over & more confidence. I have been putting this off for a while now.

    I want to know from any of you, have you seen a Naturopath and how did they help you to lose weight??

    How much approx is it per session and do you need to see them weekly or just monthly?

    I've seen a naturopath before, a few years ago, to move 8kgs that i'd gained and she helped me lose it very fast but that was only 8kgs, whereas this is 20kgs i need to lose.

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    Anybody? I know it's a bad time of the year to be thinking about losing weight (with Xmas food!) but i'm just preparing myself for January!

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    I saw a naturopath a few years ago, mainly to help TTC but also for weight loss. She was an iridologist as well and I cant remember the cost exactly but around $250 the first time with "tests" and the set up herbal stuff. Then I only saw her about monthly or so. Some of the stuff will last you ages and some stuff you will need to buy more often than monthly and it can be costly if you buy the protein type bars and things from them. Mine put me on a Ketosis type diet which is basically a high protein. low carb thing and you test your wee each morning to make sure your sugar levels are within a range that makes you burn your own fat, similar process to diabetics I think in some way. I also was taking a heap of herbal tonic tablets and the foulest tasting oil ever invented by mankind. I was vegetarian at the time and found it just too limiting. I know ppl it has worked for but I didnt find it too sucessful, I guess cause I wasnt strict enough about it.
    Good luck, and I hope you dont get the same oil lmao!!!

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    lol i hope i dont get that oil either!

    I don't want to go on bars or anything but rather just the naturopath put me on a diet that says what i can and can't eat and i will follow those guidelines... but i want to be able to eat "food" like real food not bars or shakes etc

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    Another thing you could do is have a look at a blood type diet. Search it in Google. My mum has followed what she should and shouldn't eat according to her blood group and lost a fair bit of weight. It's also good as you can see what foods make you put on weight and what foods can help lose weight.

    Good Luck, Ellie.

    P.s I've never been to a naturopath.

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    Ellie thats not a bad idea either, i think i'm an A-, i might check it out. i think thats what some naturopaths do anyway is follow blood group diets too

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    Hi Renstar,

    Just a quick post, might add more later, but I went to see a final year naturopath student at the School of Natural Medicine in Brisbane. There were two students talking to me and they made some reccomendations, which were checked with their supervisors before they wrote up notes and suggestions for me. The best part was that it was free for the consultation and I got the supplements they reccomended at a good price too. I went weekly for 2 visits and then fornightly for another 2 visits. I found them really helpful and I think they were very thorough. If I was visiting them 10 weeks later at the end of their 4 year course, I would be seeing a fully qualified naturopath at full rates.

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