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    Default Pregnancy weight!!

    Hi there,

    My baby girl is nearly 4 months old and I have been trying to lose the 24 kilograms that I out on during pregnancy. I have so far lost 15 kilograms through eating healthily and exercising. I am also breastfeeding so am hoping that this is helping also.

    I am feeling a bit guilty today though as my husband and I went out last night (without bub!) for tea and I pigged out!! I know I am being silly but I don't want to ruin my hard work so far. I am not really dieting though just being healthy as I don't want to lower my milk supply.

    Any advice about weight loss after pregnancy would be appreciated!!

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    HI, have you joined the september weight loss support thread?

    There are heaps of us in there and we are all aiming towards one goal, and that's getting to our weight goal, while supporting each other.

    You should come and join in.

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    OMG you are doing SOOOO well, don't beat yourself up for one night!! Weight loss is hard and you still need to be able to go out and eat with people, especially when youre baby-less! Ok so maybe you could have made a better choice for dinner, maybe you had dessert...but that's ok, its only ONE day! Don't worry about it, and get back to it today. I am also trying to loose baby weight, plus some . I know how difficult it is. Don't feel guilty for having a good night out with your hubby.
    There is a thread started about weight loss which alot of people have joined (don't know if you have?) maybe that will help you with those next kilos?
    Good Luck!!

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    Hi firstbub!
    Don't worry, you are on the right track. One dinner out won't ruin all you've done so far!
    I've seen many mums tend to fall into one of three weight loss patterns while breastfeeding babies during their first year.
    1. all weight amazingly lost by about 2 months postpartum
    2. weight lost by 9 months postpartum (this is probably the most common...the old saying is '9 months to get there, 9 months to get back')
    3. all weight lost bar about 4-5kg, which comes off after breastfeeding finishes. It's as if a reserve is kept to ensure bfing can keep going.
    Some mothers don't fit any pattern of course...
    I lost all my weight by 9 months after delivery. In every case, at about 6 months quite a bit suddenly fell off. It was as if my body sensed that the baby was starting solids and decided it was OK for me to lose more weight!
    If you have lost 15 kg in nearly 4 months you have done very, very well! Just continue as you are going. If at the end of bub's first year you feel that you still need to lose more, you could safely start a stricter diet. But my guess is that considering what you've lost so far, it will all come off easily over the next 6 months.

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