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    Does anyone know the cost of sureslim and does it really work at all?

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    I have tried sure slim - it was in 2006-2007 - it cost about $800 to $900 upfront but there was no weekly cost after that and the program went for a bit over 6 months.

    It did work for me. I lost a stack of weight. It was hard work though. You will need to be really motivated and to be honest, I probably wouldn't go back on it again. I really liked the focus on smaller portion sizes and mostly natural, unprocessed foods but it was way too restrictive and seemed to be a very low carb-low calorie diet. It was hard to eat meals with my partner, who didn't want/need to be that restricted and going out was a nightmare. I never got the maintenance plan because they kept encouraging me for "one more week" to reach the "magic" goal weight that THEY had set for me. I was at a very low weight for me and it kept going up a bit and then down a bit. Eventually I ran out of time on the contract and I did not feel like paying them even more money to keep going just to get maintenance.

    Having said that, it did leave me with some great long term habits that I still follow today, like trying to eat protein at each meal and eating natural low fat yoghurt.

    Hope that helps.

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