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    Re: For those that run

    Answering the bra question: panache all the way! They are awesome for bigger busts. I have worn them from when I was a 16H, then all the way through my weight loss I kept having to get fitted for new sizes, but they always did an awesome job. They even do my ridiculous 10G size haha!

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    Re: For those that run

    Sorry to butt in, but thanks for the panache tip! I have been searching for a good sports bra for larger breasts and it's good to get first hand recommendations. Currently I'm wearing 2 bras and a singlet, and it's not the most practical thing to do!

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    Re: For those that run

    Thanks again everyone. Looks like I just need to channel the stubbornness and push through the beginning. I've noticed that I can push through, otherwise I never would have even gotten this far.

    As for the bra question, mine is Berlei. It's fine on its own but I wear it with a singlet that's kind of tight and has a built in support thingy. It's size 14B though so I have no idea if it'd be any good for larger sizes.

    I have a feeling I may actually enjoy today's run. I've just gotten rid of a toddler-induced headache and I'm looking forward to getting out away from the crying, whinging and demanding!

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    Re: For those that run

    You just keep going, one foot after the other
    I agree with Zazou, it's the start that's hard, like the first 10 laps in the pool I'm trying to work toward 12km but am going to have to get a pedometer or something as I have no idea how far I'm going now (nowhere near 12, I know that much)

    You can download MapMyRun to your phone and put it in an armband and it will track your run/speed/pace etc and save it for you.
    You can use MapMyRun to plan runs and search other people's runs to find some you like.
    If you really want a gadget a GPS watch is better than a pedometer.

    I just bought some Moving Comfort bras and I love them.

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    Re: For those that run

    wow. i dreamt about buying a watch last night...