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Thread: Tony Ferguson - I am doing it and i am constantly sooooo full! Anyone else had this??

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    Cassie2928 Guest

    Red face Tony Ferguson - I am doing it and i am constantly sooooo full! Anyone else had this??

    Hi Everyone!

    I just started the Tony Ferguson program last week.

    I have 1 shake for breakfast, 1 for lunch and the palm sized protein + 3 cups vegies for dinner.

    I have not had any fruit or extra snacks at all because I have been SSOOO FULL!

    All day I feel likeI have eaten at a huge buffet!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this? and is there anything else I can cut out?


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    Red face


    i too am trying tony ferguson to loose some wieght. Actually i need to loose 15 kgs!!!!!
    i have been ttc since june 2006. i have a beautiful 3.5 yr old dauhter who was concieved naturally. back then i was 15kgs lighter.
    i have just completedmy first IVF attempt. i was told wednesday that it was not a success. although i was close....there was a small reading of hcg to indicate an embryo had tried to attach)
    so i went out yesterday and joined Tony Ferguson.
    i have tryed it today, and although i am not a big eater (just no exercise) i am starving. i had a shake for breakfast, an apple, shake for lunch and then a banana. i am drinking all the water i can, but still want more. i usually get headaches when i am hungry so as long as i don't get them i will keep going with it.
    are you putting the fibre into the shake? the lady that signed me up did say this would fill you up more.
    good luck with it.

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    Cassie2928 Guest

    Red face

    HI KittyCat!

    Sorry to hear about your first ivf attempt, Good Luck for the next one!!!!!!

    Yes I have been putting fibre into my lunch shake. It is disgusting and tastes like eating hay! (not that I have ever done that haha) But it makes the shakes kind of chunky and food like. I have been putting in 2 teaspoons and then having 1 glass of water before and one after the shake like the woman siad to make the fibre 'expand'
    I have been having the multivitiamin with my breakfast shake but have not taken the cronium yet as I didnt feel I needed too.

    My husband is also doing it with me and he is always hungry on it!!!!!!

    I have just been having shakes and not soups, because I dont really like soups!

    Did they tell you that u can drink unlimited herbal caffine free tea? (I have been having lots of this and lots of water)
    and a few glasses of diet caffine free coke or caffine free coffee?
    and u can also chew sugar free extra etc. and have unlimited of there diet jelly.


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    hey guys.. i was on TF back last year the fibre they give is disgusting so i got the non tasting fibre and its was fine then!!!!

    good luck to you both!!!!

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    my MIL just lost 20kg in 3mnths on TF Goodluck girls

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