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Thread: Townsville fit or wanna get fit mums wanted

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    Hi there, my old running buddy is knocked up and has gone back to work 3 days a week until baby no. 2 is born in Jan, so I am look for a new running buddy... Is there anyone out there in Townsville who would like to meet up once or twice a week in the mornings for a walk building to a good jog... I am happy to do the Strand, Castle Hill or Riverway and my goal is to jog 5 min k's, with maybe looking long term at doing a "fun run" I am keen to do coffee, play dates after if your keen or I currently often stop midway or after and let the little people play. I am just getting back into this so I'd say Im unfit but able to jog for 2 min and walk 2 min for 5 ks. I did the "mother's day fun run" 5.2 ks in 34:34 and really pushed myself. Oh and I will have both my little people in the phil & ted.

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    hey, Im expecting so no can do at the mo, but will be super keen to get fit again after the bubs born in Jan! So will keep in touch, as I don't know anyone in Townsville yet! Just got here from the UK.

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