thread: Weight Loss for Conception

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    Weight Loss for Conception

    Doctors can sometimes prescribe weight loss for those trying to conceive, in order to help them acheive their goal for a pregnancy.

    Has your doctor suggested weight loss? How did you go? Do you think it helped you conceive, and if so, how fast did you conceive following weight loss?

    Please feel free to introduce yourself and your story.

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    I know that a lot of women worry about the effect that excess weight will have on their conception chances........I know I did.

    I worried about it for ages prior to coming off the pill.......the thought of having to actually go on a diet put me off trying to conceive and certianly delayed our TTC attempts by months.

    When I did come off the pill I went to my GP to have a chat about it and he made some good comments:

    • Is your weight preventing you from ovulating? You can't get pregnant unless you are ovulating, so if you are not ovulating, then you'll need to lose a bit of weight, but sometimes it is as little as a few KG loss that is needed for ovulation to kick in

      If you are ovulating but self conscious about your weight/body image, does this mean that you are less keen to have sex? If you lost a bit of weight, would you feel more comfortable and more likely to enjoy sex? This can have an impact on conception chances.

      Even if you are ovulating, your preconception health is vital for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, so don't "diet" as such, but just take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.....the weight will drop naturally.

    So, I didn't "diet" but we did take a long look at our lifestyle, and I excercised a lot more, and without noticing I did get a bit slimmer and I did feel better about myself, and eventually we did concieve.......