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    a friend of mine is gonna give me some of her reductil pills cause they are expensive and i wont be able to afford them. (she is going on duromine so she wont need these now) but i was just wondering if that would be a good idea or not? anyone with experience with them?

    also what is the difference between the blackmores metabolism advantage and the blackmores weight loss accellerate? and which would be better? i have about 10kg to go and i have come to a plateu. i go to the gym 2-3 times a week and dont eat a whole lot of crap. so i am looking for something to give me a bit of a boost.

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    From my nursing experience Hollo only, I have never taken these drugs. However I know it is designed as a slow weightloss aid for morbidly obese people. We're talking 50+ kilos to lose. It is only designed to have them lose .5-1 kilo per week over 6-12months I think.
    It alteres the level of serotonin and noradrenaline in your brain to change how much food you body thinks it needs. It is not like the old fashioned appetite stimulants. Those chemicals also affect mood and alertness in everyday living.
    These are pretty serious tablets compared to the over the counter herbal type ones.
    I don't mean to scare you, but I'd hate for you to come to harm hun.

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    My sister asked me to research these last night!

    Reductil is related to amphetamine so it can be dangerous if you have high BP or are at elevated risk of aneurism or stroke. It doesn't have the same "upper" qualities of amphetamine but it can interact with anti-depressants.

    They work in conjuction with a low-cal diet to increase satisfaction and reduce appetite, which aids weighloss. They are for those with a BMI of 30+ who have morbidity (symptoms, like diabetes) from their excess weight.

    I would not take such serious medication without the supervision of a doctor, to be honest.

    You might find your weightloss begins again if you add a workout to your schedule and/or swap something about, so like swap a weights class for a cardio class or run on a treadmill instead of swimming.


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    I'm with hoobley, make a change to your workout routine and you will find you've been 'kick started' nicely. It's safer, simpler, cheaper and easier.

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