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Thread: Well, I've just eaten myself into a bad mood :(

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    Unhappy Well, I've just eaten myself into a bad mood :(

    Uh, I feel so gross and now am in a crappy, crappy mood .

    I told myself once DS was born I'd start eating better, and exercise... but instead I think I've been using being a busy new mum as an excuse to eat 'quick & easy' junk. However, this continual intake of junk food is not good for me, not good for my DS and is making me feel yucky.

    Please, inspire me to eat better! Give me the kick up the butt I need!

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    Default poor thing

    Poor thing..

    My rules are 9 months on 9 months off..

    what about joining a gym or a walking group?

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    i know its hard being at home and not eating crappy foods. I find it extremely difficult too.
    YOu have to say no to yourself. Practice saying no into the mirror everytime you walk into the bathroom. Place an old photo of yourself on the fridge and look at it each time you reach for junk.

    It's will power. Mind over matter. You can do it girl!

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    If you can find the time, chop up all your vegies and some fruit and put in it the fridge in containers. I try to do it when I get home with the shopping.
    This way you can grab a handful for a snack when the munchies hit, and dinner doesn't seem such a PITA when everything is already prepped.

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