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Thread: are the wii fit/active good for exercisephobes?

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    Question are the wii fit/active good for exercisephobes?

    ok, so i'm contemplating spending money on a wii and either fit or active (mostly because of people on here saying how good it is).

    but. we're saving for a deposit and such and being one of those idiot financial-martyrs, i'm thinking it's not worth it just for me -- except i'm not likely to join a gym (too expensive, and i'm too shy) and it's just way too f'ing cold to walk much, even if there was time before work, or it wasnt pitch-black after work.

    is it a worthwhile purchase? or is it more like the ab-rocker that ends up in the box under the stairs for all its life?

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    i like it - it's fun and you can chart your progress. we use it all the time

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    wii fits are good don't believe the chubby wii person on the bmi scale thow
    i recomend for lossing wait the runnung thing and the muscle thing squats and lunges are very good

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    Hey, Mmm, thanks for posting this question because I've been wondering about it myself...and *snap* to you - we're also saving for a house deposit so I've been wondering whether it's worth it.

    I also want the Fit. But I'm a total techno-loser and don't understand all this Wii stuff. Do I need to buy a Wii console and then buy the Fit separately? What are the price-ranges for this?


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    Default wii prices

    Persephone - um, i just looked up the prices then, you need to get the console ($299 second hand at ebgames, $349 new) and the wii fit bundle which comes with the balance board which you also stand on for the weigh-in bit, i think. that's another $125 or so...

    unless you can e-bay one from someone who thought they'd use it and didnt? or maybe look in trading post and gumtree, places like that.

    it sounds like a lot, but i know my dp wants the actual console, so its only the $125 i'd feel bad about probably

    ETA: if you search google for 'global consoles' and dandenong you should find a place that sells them for a little cheaper, but no real explanation of what bits are needed for what though. they also appear to sell at markets on sundays in malvern, geelong, springvale and ballarat.
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