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    just wondering if anyone has had any luck with losing weight doing the winsor pilates DVD's I have just been given the 20minute workout and the 40 minute workout one and a mat.

    Im wanting to hear if people have had any success doing these dvd's and if they have any tips for me.

    I will be doing my first one today (think ill just do the 20 min to start off with) so will let everyone know how i go.

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    Ange, have you done Pilates before? I have doing it for a while now and I really love it for improving my core-strength. I don't know about weight loss, that's not really an issue for me, but I imagine as with any exercise it would help by raising your metabolism and burning calories. Plus the core-strength will help you work towards a flatter tummy and is also very helpful for those Pelvic Floor muscles.

    The reason I ask if you have done Pilates before, is that there is no real benefit to the exercises unless you do them correctly. And it is very hard with a DVD and no instructor to correct your position to make sure you are using the right muscles. If you are tensing where you shouldn't be, arching your back instead of using your transverse abdominus etc, then you just won't get the benefit. So if you haven't done Pilates before, I would recommend you attend some classes first to learn the positions and what to look/feel for when you are doing it. Then you can use the DVDs to guide you through workouts at home.

    GL hun, I hope you really enjoy it and get the beneftis you want.

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