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Thread: which is worse?

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    Default which is worse?

    I figure cream cheese on my fruit toast is better than butter. Im not sure if its fat content is less or more or about the same, but at least its got to have more nutrician? protien , calcium etc?
    Butter tastes better though...
    Anyone know if im fooling myself?
    DH thinks it dosent make any difference.

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    Try avocado instead. Full of good fats and oils, is really healthy and tastes better than cream cheese! lol
    If you do have cream cheese, try reduced fat phili - it has much les fat than butter. Just remember though that if you are using a butter substitute that you need to use only as much of it as you would butter, if not less, otherwise even if it is lower in fat, you are more than likely going to be using more calories anyway, and defeat the purpose, iykwim?


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    Yep it is a better option than butter, especially if you choose the low fat stuff. As LimeSlice said, try avocado which is even better!

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