thread: best vacuum cleaner for pet hair & stairs? $300

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    Jun 2012
    South Australia

    Question best vacuum cleaner for pet hair & stairs? $300

    hiya all,

    we're looking for a new vacuum (one that's going to last!)

    downstairs is tiled, upstairs is carpet. we have 2 cats and the hair is just ridiculous!!! so we obviously need something that's great for pet hair, but also easy to do stairs.

    does anyone have any recommendations? i have done some googling and the "Shark Navigator Lift Away PRO" seems to be amazing from all the reviews i've read, but i think you can only buy it from america.. and i don't really want to do that. does anyone know if you can get these in australia?

    so any recommendations would be great

    thanks ladies

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    Dec 2007
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    I've seen infomercials for the shark... so would think you can get it here, but wouldn't know where...

    I recently bought a Vax, I LOVE it =) (a little too much). but we don't have carpet, only hard floors, and no inside pets. But it keeps up with all the dust, and my hair (which sheds bucketloads). and I vacuum EVERYTHING =P cost me less than $300. I basically walked into a Godfreys store and said I need one that does this, this and this and not this, and he showed me a couple and I picked it out.

    Dyson has one specifically made for pet hair, but they are more than 300 I think.

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    Jun 2012
    South Australia

    yeah i've seen the commercials too!! i don't normally fall for things like that. but it really does make it seem awesome

    our old one was a VAX (handed down from parents), lasted 17 years! amazing.

    i have checked out dyson, and they're around $500 - $800... we have our xmas holiday booked, and right now that's just not feasible.

    we may take a trip down to godfreys and see what they can offer us. but i do really like the shark

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    I'm pretty sure Big W and Target both have the Shark. Costco have it too for $350, I think it's $400 at Big W

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    Nov 2011

    best vacuum cleaner for pet hair & stairs? $300

    I bought one call 'the dog and cat vac' I've found it works well for us.

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    Oct 2007
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    miele cat & dog. it's awesome.

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    Nov 2009

    We just bought a new vacuum at Harvey Norman and they had the shark navigator there, we ended up with the Miele and I agree it's awesome

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    Jan 2005
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    We have the dyson DC50 too. We had a few cheapie vacuums and they just didn't suck up the cat hair (we have two long hair cats) nor did they last more than 6 months, so we got the dyson. Costs more but we've had it for 5 years and works now as good as when we bought it. Definitely worth the money

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    Dec 2009

    Miele cat and dog. Like $400 on appliances online

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    Mar 2011

    Re: best vacuum cleaner for pet hair & stairs? $300

    Just bumping - for those that have the meile cat and dog - which one do you hve? There seems to be a few differnt models!l?