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Thread: The TO DO LIST.....

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    What a day

    1. Try and rescue new fish (taking most of the morning so far)
    2. Dishes
    3. Sweep & Vac kitchen THEN mop (lock kids out of kitchen)
    4. Vac Hallway & Lounge
    5. Dust Lounge
    6. Fold Washing, do more washing
    7. Clean both bathrooms & all 3 toilets
    8. Finished DP's fathers day stuff & wrap
    9. Tidy up outside (gardening if i can with dodgy wrist)
    10. Sweep outside & clean tables for BBQ tomorrow
    11. Fridge clean
    12. Sweep & sort shoes etc at front door
    13. Sweep & clean deck area near lounge
    14. Clean toy room
    15. Change sheets in girls room
    16. Dinner

    17. Fall in a heap cos i know it wont all get done

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    My list for today
    Wash up
    2 loads of washing
    Change my bed (babies nappy has come off & she's still asleep)
    Bake cupcakes for nieces b'day party
    Find kids dress up clothes
    Girls can tidy lounge
    Mop floors

    Go to birthday party
    I can get it all done today now My busted finger has stopped me playing netball today! The 1.5 hour drive there & back would've left me with about 2 hours this arvo to get it all done!

    Good luck with all that ZF. Can you leave the outside stuff for tomorrow morning?

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    Ok so it's the lead up to DD1's 4th b'day and while we are not having a PARTY we will have a BBQ with some family so it's spring clean-up time.

    Over the next couple of days
    1. Breakfast - DONE
    2. Dress kids & brush teeth - DONE
    3. Food shopping - DONE
    4. Unpack shopping - DONE

    5. Invoices - todays lot DONE but we do more tonight
    6. Dishes
    7. Washing
    8. Vac Hallway, lounge & our room
    9. Upstairs bathroom (incl mop floor, wash windows)
    10. Wash windows (ALL )
    11. Mop downstairs bathroom & kitchen (wed morning)
    12. CLean out & sort spare room
    13. Dust & Vac kids room & toy room
    14. Sort bookshelf & DVD cupboard, dust entire lounge
    15. Get rid of all spider webs
    16. Wipe down most hand printed walls
    17. Take girls to swimming tomorrow & a birthday lunch on Thurs then the show & Nanna's on friday & saturday

    I'm sure there are so many more things i need to do but will cross each thing off with the date to see how i go

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    DD1's having a small family BBQ on Sunday but the clean up has begun (with me in the garden most of yesterday, mowing & the like) but it has to continue over this very busy weekend and with me with a HUGE migraine this morning

    1. Kitchen - dishes, sweeping, stove - DONE
    2. Lounge - tidy, dust & vac
    3. Hallway - vac
    4. Toilets - both downstairs toilet & the shower
    5. Girls room - vac & tidy
    6. Toy Room - vac & tidy
    7. Outside - finish tidying the front yard (and not let the kids out there), sweep front door step & tidy shoes and around worm farm area - DONE more to finish on Sunday morning but no point doing it twice
    8. Washing - wash & hang a few loads, fold & put away about 5 loads
    9. Dinner
    10. Sort out shopping list for Sunday
    11. Make Cake (decorate saturday night or sunday)
    12. Make lolly bags & cake pops for kinder monday (sunday night)
    13. Wrap presents & organise (tonight & tomorrow night)
    14. Go to cousins b'day party - find and take kids costumes, face paint, kids chairs, blu-tack, bubble machine & bubbles(DONE) & stop & buy more face paint on the way
    15. Clean Murray's Tank - DONE
    16. Go shopping & Post office... PO today i think shopping sunday morning
    17. Tidy spare room JIC (not looking forward to that) - DONE (tidied not cleaned )
    18. CLean out car - DONE

    Ok so i'm about to get started... sooo not looking forward to vomitting at the end of today with this migraine and no down time though :*(

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    Over the next couple of days:

    1. Morning Invoices
    2. Update Invoice Board - DONE
    3. Dishes & Tidy Kitchen
    4. Washing (doing, hanging, folding, putting away)
    5. Gymnastics
    6. Get documents certified & mailed off
    7. Vac - lounge, hall & girls room
    8. Clean bathroom
    9. Night Invoices
    10. Get up and possibly leave by 6am to drop kids @ MIL's then off for CT & MRI & coffee with MG.
    11. Go to coburg aquarium to see about new tank filter
    12. Food shopping - extra for DD'2 friends coming thurs
    13. Make sausage rolls
    14. Pays & Banking
    15. Clean up outside for Thursday

    A million other things too.

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    A few things to get done.

    Kitchen (incl dishes & cleaning stove)
    Sort through hallway cupboard - DONE (incl folding all sheets, towels etc)
    Both Bathrooms
    Wash All Sheets & Make All Beds (first load in)
    Open all the windows and let the sun in - DONE
    Lounge Room - tidy & vac
    Vac the hallway & Girls room
    Tidy girls room
    Take DD1 for MCHN appt (1:30pm)
    Call dentist for an appt
    Organise dinner
    Update invoices board
    Clean Murrays fish tank

    I'm sure there is so much more

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    Lol ZF, it looks like you're the only one doing anything!

    Today and tomorrow I need to:
    Make beds,
    Pick up and sort toys in the kids' room so I can find their floor....
    Do lots of folding so I can reclaim the dining table and arm chairs,
    Find where to put all the folded clothes ('cos there really isn't anywhere to put it!),
    Kick these boys in the butt so dishes get done (I expect the boy to help, but so far in this house, he has not),
    Try to sort and minimise the boxes in the house (getting rid of some stuff hopefully!),
    Bake a few things for the Man to take away with him for the weekend,
    In general, find homes for stuff around the house, to make it tidy.
    And goodness knows what else...
    Oh yeah, clean the car again, because when I cleaned it the other day after picking it up (I'm borrowing a friend's car), I missed emptying and cleaning out the back ashtray, which came open yesterday meaning there is gross cigarette ash all over tue car....

    At least I have already vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. Those are two chores I manage to get done everyday/few days.

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    Haha it's only so i keep myself on track - have a list to do but keep getting side tracked.

    dishes & tidy kitchen
    tidy & vac lounge & girls room
    Tidy & vac our room (tidy part done)
    Print job sheets & take to Dp at some stage today
    Cook pumpkin soup for my dodgey tooth
    Washing - wash, hang & folding
    Put on mattress protector and match up sheets on our bed (thanks to my tooth bleeding and having to wash things at different times)
    Update invoices board and print boys invoices and work out pays.
    Let the girls have a PJ day

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    Default The TO DO LIST.....

    Time to start again
    Once the girls are at school & kinder I'm hoping to set myself a nice routine an finally get this house 100% sorted, until then time for a bit of a thread revival to keep me on track.


    Kitchen - incl dishes, sweep, clean stove top

    Car - unpack from time away

    Lounge - Take down x-mas tree & deco's, vac - DONE

    Bathroom - clean downstairs

    Laundry - sort & start holiday washing - DONE

    I'm sure there is more but will start with this.

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    I really need this today!!

    Kitchen -Done, more thoroughly than expected! Hence not getting through everything on the list, but very happy with the Kitchen now after some rearranging

    Washing, and folding in baskets - Done

    Clean main shower- Done

    strip and make my bed - Done

    Tidy room - Done

    Get Christmas excess sorted and put away properly - Half done - Done now

    Floors - If I can get through everything else first - Vacuumed not washed- Done

    Plenty more but I will be happy with this as a start

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    Kitchen - Dishes, Sweep, Stove
    Laundry - More Washing
    Bathroom - clean downstairs
    Girls Room - Beds, Tidy, Put Away Clothes
    Hallway - Vac
    Chicken Shed - Clean out, get rid of hay

    * Food Shopping
    * Drop off paint

    Had to head out yesterday then had two uncooperative little girls so hopefully today is a better day to get some things done.

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    * Lounge - Incl move DD1's birthday stuff, put away the clothes, vac, dust
    * Laundry - Sort clothes, washing & sort bench so can use it for folding again
    * Kitchen - Dishes, tidy table
    * Hallway - vac
    * My Bedroom - sort some clothes, clean ensuite

    Once the girls are back at school / kinder full time I am culling A LOT of crap from all the rooms in this house, so over it... Bring on a nice clean, neat & tidy house the functions well and is easy to deal wiith!

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    Do the dishes & clean the kitchen.
    Deal with Mt Foldmore & actually put it all away

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    1. Not Fall Asleep
    2. Wash bloody sheets & mattress protector, hang - DONE
    3. Deal with child with blood nose - continuing issue......
    4. Washing - wash, hang & fold - 1 load washed, 2 loads hung
    5. Do Pays & Banking - DONE
    6. Vac Lounge - DONE
    7. Make a camp out area for movies all day
    8. Shower myself and bloodied child
    9. Dishes and clean kitchen
    10. Tidy Girls room
    11. Pass out and not move..... IF ONLY!

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    Where to start?

    1. Meet slushy machine installer at school tomorrow

    2. Order the sushi for Friday's tuckshop

    3. A million dishes

    4. 3 million loads of laundry!

    5. Clean out our wardrobe

    6. Decide what is going out for council clean up in 2 weeks

    7. Organise dinner

    8. Book next months PartyLite parties

    9. Download the 5000 photos off my phone to the computer and organise!

    10. Start organising Easter activities for the kids and presents for family much more to do!

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    Default Re: The TO DO LIST.....

    1. Sunday School.

    2. Fathers' Day.

    3. Clean the house.

    4. Laundry.

    5. Lawns.

    6. Pruning.

    7. August photos.

    8. All the things.

    9. Early night.

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