thread: Fantastic Household Tips & Hints - please add yours :)

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Ooo we have them too. Might have to invest in some ajax, me thinks

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    Sep 2005
    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    just to let you know - i gave the bicarb paste a go with a light no effort brush with old toothbrush and it worked wonders on the sink strainers (didn't have any ajax and in process of moving so didn't want to buy) - thanks ladies.

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    Oct 2003
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    Great!! I've used it before in my "natural products only" phase and it works well. I also am an advocate of using vinager & lemon juice to clean.

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    Another tip is gumption paste...i is a miracle paste i reckon!!Has made my sinks sparkle and got permanent black marker off my cream walls...also scuff marks off floors,pen and crayon off walls..just about everything you could imagine..I always have a tub!!

    jan xx

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    Mar 2005
    Rockhampton QLD

    Also domestos rubbed around and left for a few seconds really shines the sinks,makes the downlights reflect straight back in my face...sorry jsut had to add...pmsl

    Jan xx

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    Jul 2006
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    I second the gumption paste! I'm yet to find something it won't remove

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    One thing I have always done to cut costs (and help the environment) is buy cheap and nasty shampoo.
    Apparently most shampoos are the same... they're pretty much just soap for your hair. So I get the big-arse pump bottles of shampoo from coles or bi-lo (costs about $4 and lasts me about 4-6 months). I can then justify getting a more expensive brand of conditioner. I get Pantene at the moment because I love what it does for my hair.
    This way I have reduced the amount of bottles I use for shampoo AND I get to indulge a little whilst still saving money.

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    fishy fishy Guest

    Never use gumption paste on anything with a laquor. It will strip it off. I just thought i would mention it. RIP Beginners trumpet while shaking fist at students mother.

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    Jun 2003

    Get yourself one of those ring bound plastic folders with plastic sleaves in it and store all your take away menu's and lenards menu's etc in it. I do this and keep the folder next to my microwave (as I don't have a free drawer in my kitchen) and it keeps things nice and tidy... and you never loose anything either.


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    Thanks for the Gumption tip! We had about a square meter of green texta scribble on the wall (thanks Charlie, artistic little tacker.......)gumption did the trick even when my old faithful Chux Magic Eraser wouldn;t shift it!

    BTW, acetone (nail polish remover) also gets rid of permanant texta......but it does soften the paintwork a little........

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    What are your top tips for domestic goddessdom?

    Share your top tips here which help you feel like a domestic goddess
    Kelly xx

    Creator of, doula, writer and mother of three amazing children
    Author of Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know
    In 2015 I went Around The World + Kids!
    Forever grateful to my incredible Mod Team

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    Aug 2005
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    Umm.... a cleaning lady???

    Actually, planning what to have for dinner in the morning, so i can start earlier.. i always feel so fantastic when DH walks in the door and there is actually dinner on the table, rather then asking him to start cooking at 7pm

    We are trying to make a whole month of meal plans, so that way we can be even more organised about what to eat and what to buy for the next week!

    I'll be watching this carefully, i'm sure i'll get some great tips from you all, and then i can fake like i really can run a house and be a mum!

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Mmmmm. Well I am a bit anal So it all has to be just right or I get my ever so frilly knickers in a twist!
    What makes me feel like I have made it at the end of the day...
    * When I have a yummy meal bubbling away in the slowcooker filling the house with gorgeous aromas.
    * When the pillows on the sofa are plumped.
    * When the kids are happy and laughing and I have had at least one of those "I am not doing tooo bad as a Mama moments".
    * I make a rule at the end of the day there is adult music playing on the stero for dinner and we light candles on the table most nights - it makes me feel grown up and sets a relaxing scene (as relaxing as a meal with four children can be )
    * An ironing lady is a gift from the Universe that no woman should feel guilty about!
    * Some muffins in the freezer to whip out when needed in an emergency!

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    Jul 2005
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    Oooh I just noticed this new forum! brilliant! Now let me think! (can't wait to read lots of responses too)!

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    Jul 2006

    LOL, I love this topic!! I'll take all the ideas I can get. Ok, here are my tips:

    - definitely get a cleaning lady LOL
    - pick the things that make you feel best when they are done - for me, having the dishes done and bed made is a huge morale booster, so I do these first
    - put a load of washing on first thing when you get up, or before going to bed
    - lower your expectations - you are NOT going to have a clean floor for more than 5 minutes with two under 3, no matter how often you get down on your hands and knees to sweep up crumbs
    - speaking of which, buy knee pads for contstantly being on all fours under and around the table sweeping up crumbs
    - get the kids involved in "helping" so you are not neglecting them while cleaning - Jack loves to "help" by holding the vacuum cleaner while I Vaccum.
    - cook twice as much as you need and freeze the rest so you get 2 meals for the price of 1

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    Jan 2006

    1. A pilable child/children. As a sub-12-month-old Flynn was a dream baby - one of those kids who slept for the first 3 months of his life and was really easy-going and happy to sit and gurgle while I whizzed around the kitchen. This is essential if you are going to be a Domestic Goddess (notice how you never see a whinny 15 month old clinging to Nigella Lawson's legs while she swans around her kitchen, saucily licking her fingers?)

    2. An easy to clean house
    . Enough storage space, easy-to-clean surfaces, a dog that doesn't shed hairs and no clutter is required. It is simply not possible to attain Goddess-dom if you have an unrenovated house without skirting boards and decent cupboards, carpet of the sort which attracts dirt and a long-haired do. Your furniture must match, too. Ideally it will have featured in House and Garden or some similar glossy.

    3. A goldfish's memory. This is essential if you are to be able to handle the fact that you just cleaned your house from top to bottom last week, and actually attained that state of Nirvana when there is "nothing else to clean", only to find that dust comes back, dishes get dirty, children dirty their clothes and meals lovingly prepared in advance get eaten eventually. Anything more than a goldfish's short memory will leave you in a constant state of dismay that things don't stay clean.

    4. An appreciative husband. June Cleaver's husband thought she was just wonderful the way she brought him his slippers and looked after Wally and The Beaver. Darren (Samantha's hubby in "Bewitched") appreciated his wife's cleaning skill so much he insisted that she do everything manually and not employ her magical skills to get it done. Mr Brady thought Carol was "just swell" despite the fact that Alice probably did the lion's share of the work. Contrast this with poor Peg Bundy, the most un-Goddess-like creature you could imagine. Look at her husband Al. Enough said.

    Enough sarcasm LOL! I am actually very much into this sort of stuff, so seriously, lists and enough energy to stick to them is my top tip FlyLady is a good place to start.

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    May 2003
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    I could chat about this topic for HOURS, LOL!

    I have nodded at almost every Domestic Goddess thought written so far, so thank you likeminded ladies for cheering me up!

    Some additional ones from me (just the tip of my iceberg, LOL) are:

    ~ Clean sheets flapping in the breeze on my washing line
    ~ Clean toilets
    ~ Essential oils burning (lemon or lavendar for me)
    ~ Happy domestic smells like freshly mown grass; homemade biscuits
    ~ A full fridge with cut fruit at the ready for the kids
    ~ A place for everything and everything in its place!

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    Jul 2005
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    ROFL Rory!!! OMG so true. Especially living in an unrenovated house! (that's us) well it was renovated 20 years abo but since then it's had a steady stream on tennants with children... it is a much loved house but no matter how hard i scrub the surfaces around here they ain't gonna give me that "good as new" satisfaction