thread: Fridges - freezer top or bottom?

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    Is side by side an option? We had one and luurved it but when we moved to our last place, it was 1cm too wide for the fridge cavity and no other room was available so we sold it. We bought a fridge for inside and a chest freezer for the garage.

    Now we've moved again, we'll be getting a 2nd hand side by side, selling the fridge & keeping the chest freezer.

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    We have a Samsung French door with freezer on bottom. I was stupidly excited when we bought it lol. I'm in the freezer maybe once a day, but use the fridge all the time. So it makes sense to me to have the stuff I use most at an easier to get to level.

    The French door thing is fantastic, because the fridge is really wide and can fit big platters, but you can also open only one door to get out something small.

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    Space wise side by side is not an option so it needs to be a standard fridge. I think I am convinced to go upside down again. Now jus to find one that fits our cavity!

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    Are none of you people short like me? lol I'm 5'4 and I can't see the top shelf of my grandmas upside down fridge properly! Do you have a step stool

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    LOL i'm shorter than you!

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    LimeSlice - my DD2 is only 98cm tall and she can get milk out of the fridge door, fruit out of the crisper, cold meats out of the drawer, and then anything from the bottom shelf. DD1 can get up to the middle shelf. The top shelf is like any top shelf should be - the good stuff for a select few and therefore out of their reach!

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    We have the F&P with freezer down the bottom - love it for all the reasons others have mentioned.