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    Mar 2011


    Hi Girls

    so im wondering whether to buy a new vacuum. we recently got a sand pit for the boys and its now making vacuuming more important as little bits of sand end up all over the house! We also have two dogs that shed a lot of hair!

    I just dont know if i want to spend heaps of money on a vacuum but then i am worried i wont spend enough and it will end up being crap! Someone is selling a dyson animal upright on gumtree.. but would you buy a dyson second hand? and is that a good dyson to buy. i have read the reviews and some people are not a fan of the upright vacuum?

    otherwise i was looking at the miele? or could i just go a cheaper version like the Vax brand? It is mainly tiles through out the house with just carpet in the bedrooms. No dogs in those rooms so not too much dog hair around on the carpet.

    any advice and opinions would be great.

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    Re: Vacuums

    I would only buy a Dyson upright. Ours is second hand and love it. Well worth the price and great suction

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    Re: Vacuums

    I have Miele cat and dog, it was expensive but I love it. Always scores the highest on Choice vacuum cleaners too.