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Thread: What Domestic duties have you achieved today? #3

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    May 2007
    Craigmore, South Australia


    washing, in and out. folded and put away
    dishes- soaking
    made hubby's lunch
    got dressed!!
    dressed jensen
    fed fish and canary
    fed kids
    refilled fridge water dispenser
    swept floors
    made austy put his toys away
    finally fed myself!!

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    dishes done - we now have mugs!!!!!!!!!!!! I do need to wash the pressure cooker from dinner the other night (I did silverside) - it was rinsed out but I need to give it a proper clean before I put it away.

    Today's tasks:
    Clean toilet (not going to be hard as I swish every morning & I've cheated and I have a toilet block in there)
    Clean vanity (also not going to be hard - I wipe down every few days)
    Clean cupboard - I'm going to take everything out of the cupboard and clean the shelves
    Shower - clean (not going to be hard - it got a dose of LOC 2 days ago after showers)
    Floor - sweep & mop

    Put all the dishes away
    Clean the stove
    Sweep the floor
    Clean the microwave
    Do a clean out of the fridge
    Wipe down the benches (except for the hot spot side of the kitchen which will be tackled another day)

    Change the sheets
    dust the furniture
    sweep the floor - actually since the vacuum is back from the unit, I may even vacuum the place today!

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    Swished & swiped 2 bathrooms
    Vacuumed 2 stories
    Decluttered both loungerooms
    3 loads of washing
    folded 2 loads

    cleaned birdcage & cat litter

    went quietly mad ;D

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    Hehe ... looks like everyone has gotten all excited about Christmas and haven't done any domestic duties since November. WTG

    I'm on holidays at my IL's for another week and a half, but have been busy sorting out finances for the last few days.

    Today, I have:
    - emailed bank requesting that they reduce my Via limit from $8000 to $2000
    - folded and stuffed cloth nappies

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    Cleaned up the lounge room *again* LOL!
    Cleaned the kitchen.

    Would like to:

    Swish & Swipe 2 bathrooms.
    Fold 1 load of washing.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Trying not to do anything this morning! Will get my butt into gear though this afternoon and try to bring on this labour!

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    Enchanted Guest


    Ok.... today I have

    *Washed and dried the dishes
    *Washed and sterilised Oscar's bottles
    *Made our bed
    *Put 2 loads of washing on
    *Hung a load out

    I need to (in the next hour)

    *Tidy lounge
    *Get dinner organised
    *Pack Oscar's clothes away

    Do you think it's do-able in an hour :P
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    Well, today I have

    *cleaned, swept and vacuumed right through the house(besides main bedroom)
    * three loads of washing
    *booked car into Auto Elec
    * chased around after three children
    * taken DH's lunch up to him after he forgot to eat
    * helped DH out(he was horny! LOL)
    * tidied the kids rooms

    Need to

    *wash breaky dishes
    * send email to Daily Deals

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    Enchanted Guest


    Ok I need to get it all down so I can keep track!!

    Today I have...
    *Done 2 loads of washing
    *Folded Oscars nappies
    *Washed bottles
    *Packed for Shane
    *Made bed
    *Tidied lounge
    *Cleaned toilet
    *Swished and swiped bathrooms
    *Cleaned car
    *Packed Portacot in car

    What I need to do:
    *Pack for me
    *Pack for Oscar
    *Sort out old videos
    *Pack a few things in car
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    God I feel so slack reading this thread LOL.

    Here's my list for today.

    *Cleaned up bomb site of a house
    * Met a potential FDC mum for Toby
    * Called FAO
    * Unpacked and repacked the diswasher
    * Fed children and cleaned up .... again
    * Put a chicken and pumpkin curry in the SC for dinner

    Need to
    * Name all DD's things for her new daycare on Monday
    * Go to supermarket....ugh.

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    the only chore i have done today is :

    put nappies into dryer and sweeped up nixons breakfast off the floor ...

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    Enchanted Guest


    Ok... I've lost that Domestic Goddess? I know she is here somewhere

    So far I have-
    *Changed bed linen
    *Done Oscar's bottles
    *Scrubbed bathroom floor
    *Cleaned toilet
    *Done 2 loads of washing

    I need to-
    *Organise dinner
    *Tidy kitchen benches

    It feels sooo much later than 4pm...

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    Not a lot happening here ATM.
    I've managed to do the dishes and wipe half of them,
    Vacuum the car,which is quite a challenge at the moment with it's position under the house!
    Ironed a handful of clothes.

    If I can manage to get dinner cooked and DD's bag packed for school tomorrow I'll be happy


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    Enchanted Guest


    Where are all you DG's out there? Are you all so efficient you don't need this anymore

    Today I have:

    *Scrubbed the ensuite
    *Tided main bathroom
    *Done Oscar's bottles
    *3 loads of washing
    *Vac'd and mopped the floors
    *Changed Oscar's bed linen
    *Washed the dishes

    Tomorrow I have to:

    *Tidy out bedroom
    *Sort out some old video's and that's it I think!

    I am sooo exhausted from scrubbing the bathroom today. I am just about to get Oscar to bed and wait for DH to bring KFC home Now that's my kinda night out/in

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    Well after a very lazy week with DF home, I have finally gotten my arse into gear now that he has gone back to work! lol

    today I have...
    *done the dishes - twice
    *a load of nappies
    *2 loads of washing
    *cleaned the lounge
    *prepared the spare room for my sis coming to stay for easter (yay!)
    *sorted all bump's new clothes
    *changed our bed

    Tomorrow have to vacuum the house and mop the floor, clean our ensuite and thats it!

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    Hmmm .... today I haven't done much at all.
    * unstacked and restacked dishwasher
    * did hand dishwashing
    * cooked pancakes from scratch
    * finished sewing a skirt I started months ago (and, sadly, I absolutely hate it and will NEVER be wearing it)

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    Today I have:

    Emptied dishwasher
    Hand-washed dishes
    Vacuumed and mopped floors
    Changed sheets
    Washed 2 sets of sheets, tumble dried and put away
    Food shopped
    Made Lamb shanks with plum and rosemary which are currently baking away...

    The bathroom is DH's task for the weekend

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    I managed to go round the whole house and replace all the lightbulbs that were out.

    I also totally meptied the laundry, cleaned all the shelves and drawers, scrubbed the benches, and scrubbed the floor...

    And made Toad in the Hole for dinner, which we had whith home grown beetroot & home grown peas!

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