Hi Ladies..

It has been a long time since I've been on BB but I can tell you it was my saviour when going through IVF.. We have been so fortunate to have two gorgeous children after 3 stim cycles and 8 transfers. But this has led me to this place as we had 11 Blasties from my last stim and it took two for my baby girl which leaves us with 9 on ice. My little girl is now two and I am now 40 but we were holding on to them in case DH or my sister might need them but they now both have a baby each so the time has come to look at what we do with our Blasties.. It is a no brainer for us and we will be donating them to others so they can full fill their dreams hopefully, but even more than that, I feel having had my two that I MUST give these little ones a chance to be amazing little people regardless of whether I raise them or not..

I guess what I'm asking of this little community is what do you all consider to be the biggest issues to consider when donating. I want to make sure I have considered every aspect of this process, not to change my mind but to be as prepared as possible.

* Recipient who is known/unknown
* Personal emotions regarding the donation
* Legal issues arising later due to donation

I'm sure there are plenty more things to consider but I was looking for anyone who has been through this before or if it is something you also think about and have some advice on.