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Thread: LTTTC/AC Support Group

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    Default LTTTC/AC Support Group

    For discussing the emotional aspect of IVF and LTTTC. Not for discussions about cycles, but for the giving and receiving of emotional support.

    This will be a place to share our feelings, discuss our difficulties and be there for one another. Cycle info etc should stay in the discussion threads.

    This is the link to the group: LTTTC/AC group. Please note that joining this group is by INVITATION ONLY, if you wish to join, PM SeaChange or Dusty for admission.

    ONLY those who have/are struggling with infertility who are also active posters in the LT forums will be invited, ie recipients are welcomed to join. If I get enough on-going interest expressed for a donor group, I'll start one.

    New topics or questions are posted every couple of weeks depending on how discussions are going. If members of the Social Group have a topic they would like the group to discuss please send it on to either me, Gargy or Dusty.

    Please note the Social Group forum doesn't have a function to send notifications if someone posts a new message, so members can instead regularly check the Group to keep up to date with the discussion.
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    We have a new topic this week!

    Purely looking at your place of work - either at or outside the home, how supported do you feel in your LTTTC journey?

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