thread: Changing states.. Change of schools

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    Apr 2011

    Changing states.. Change of schools

    We are moving soon and it is an interstate move from SA to NSW. Both kids are in school, reception (1st level of school not kindergarten) and yr 2 but I'm not sure if it's a simple change over to yr 1 and yr 3 (next yr). will they have to be assessed? DS is currently at the level two grades above and DD is quite ahead too. I'm just not sure what needs to be done when we have decided on the school...

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    From reading the SA schoolmeducation site, the transition should be fairly easy.

    Preschool/kindergarten in SA is preschool in NSW is for kids the year before primary school.

    Reception in SA is the same as kindergarten in NSW. Then the school years are the same from then on.

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    May 2009

    We have moved around heaps including interstate, everything is much more straight forward now year 1 is year 1 across the country and so on.

    You'll have to do new enrolment forms but my kids have never been accessed when changing. If you know which school your kids are going to be moving to ask the current school to send the files through at the end of the year, check with the new school once you get there and if you don't know make sure the new school requests them once you move. One of our moves took 12 months to get DS's records sent through, it was a joke! And don't take any of the "we can't send them across states" poo either, it's not at all true!

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    Apr 2011

    I'm glad it is easier now I remember doing it as a child and it was all a little weird.. I think it was something to do with starting age. DD has done 6 terms of reception due to her birthday being in the middle of the yr. do they all start school when they turn 5? (Give or take a couple of months?)

    I shouldn't have issues with the school records as MIL works at current school so she can put her big bossy pants on and get the job done

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    In NSW you start kindergarten (first year of primary school) at the start of the year that you turn 5. If you turn 5 after June you start the beginning of the next year instead. You start the first day of the year no matter when your birthday is.

    We moved from NSW to WA. They have an extra year of school here. They start 4 year old Kindy the year they turn 4, then Pre primary when they turn 5, then year 1 & so on. We still have year 7's in primary school too... but not for long Unless you attend a specialist school, I don't think they really assess kids.

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    As a teacher in Qld, we had children move from interstate and there was space on the enrolment form for the parent to write about their academic progress and attach reports and work samples - if you'd like your child to go up a year level and can show they're capable, the school should nlook into it - no extra assessment should be necessary. Is that what you mean?

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    My parents moved with my younger brothers from sA to NSW (nearly 20 yrs ago now - so info may be out of date). Youngest bro was in yr 7 here (last yr of primary in SA) but was born in Nov so my parents were given the option of putting him back inYr 7 (but as 1st yr of high school) to help with maturity. They started out doing this but within 6mths he was into Yr 8 where he probably would have gone if he wasn't born so late in the year as academically the yr 7 stuff was too easy. I don't remember them having to do anything further than providing copies of school reports.