thread: Where to buy rain coat for school?

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    Aug 2006

    Where to buy rain coat for school?

    I've looked at big w, target and kmart. No luck! Any ideas? Thanks. Would rather a rain coat than poncho.

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    Feb 2007

    School uniform shop?

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    May 2007

    What colour are you after? I got a navy raincoat for my son from Target, but have seen them in Big W as well. Best and Less?

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    Mar 2004

    Lowes usually has rain coats in most of the standard uniform colours. Not all Lowes have a uniform department. In my experience the uniforms sold at Lowes are better quality than the KMart/Target/BigW uniforms.

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    Oct 2007
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    Yep i got mine at big w
    Came in navy or green.

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    Dec 2007

    Google Bast and Less Schoolzone, they are $10.

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    Oct 2004
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    Clark rubber also sell raincoats. No idea of the price though.

    Not sure where you are, but rural supply stores are good for raincoats and gumboots.

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    Aug 2006

    Where to buy rain coat for school?

    Thanks! Will have a look. I wonder why they aren't at my local big w and target.

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    Oct 2005
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    check your big w store again they were in a very odd section of our store

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    Mar 2008
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    I got one for ds1 who desperately wanted one for his birthday in the school section at Big W. Kmart & Target didn't stock them.