thread: Who does drop off/pick up?

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    May 2008
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    Who does drop off/pick up?

    Just curious as to who does school drop off and pick ups in your home?

    Both Dh and I take turns doing it, and most morning we all drop dd1 off, and most days if dh can get a break at work he will either pick her up or wait with the other two at home whilst I get her.

    Question comes about because last week I was sick, so dh did drop off and pick up every day. One day he mentioned that there arent that many dads to talk to, that the majority of parents there are mums, who either had taken time off work or were stay at home mums. It got my curiosity juices flowing...

    So who does the school run in your home?

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    Dec 2007
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    Dh drops DS off because his uni is at the end of the same street as the school.

    Pick ups depend on his classes - sometimes all of us go to get him - or on Mondays when dh is at uni till 5pm he will pick him up in between lectures and ds plays on his game thing next to dh in the lecture hall.

    I pick him up if dh is on prac.

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    Mar 2004

    Usually it's me.

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    Jan 2008
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    I only have daycare - but I do both drop off and pickup as DH is gone from 6.50am until 7.40pm. That said, there are a lot of Dads who do drop off and pick up there - maybe because the hours are longer than school hours? Many of the Dads seem to be on their way to or from work.

    When DS is at school he will have before and after school care on my work days, but it will probably still be me doing it all. When my parents retire, they have expressed their desire to do pick ups on my work days.

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    Oct 2004
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    Mostly me. My work hours fit with school hours, DH's can't even do the school drop off as he starts at 8:15. Sometimes he can do the childcare drop off and he does the midday transfer once a week between childcare and kinder.

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    Dec 2007

    Mostly me on Mon/Tues/Wed.. Sometimes DH does it if I need to be doing something else.

    on Thurs/Fri I work so it is normally shared between DH and my Dad. If Dad isn't around DD goes to before/after school care depending on DH's shifts. And I drop off or pick up from there. DS only goes to childcare on when I work and whoever is doing the school run normally does the childcare as well.

    DH is a shiftworker on a rotating 24/7 roster, so he can't be relied upon to do any particular day.

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    Jun 2003

    Me unless DH stays home in the morning or comes home early.

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    Jan 2010

    Me, except for the one weekday I work, when I do drop off and DH does pick up. Occasionally DH will pick the big kids up from school if he happens to be passing at the right time, but the 'responsibility' is mine.

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    Oct 2008

    We only have 3 year old kindy pickup/drop off at the moment which is once per week.

    DH is a shift worker so we mix it up. If he is home he likes to do one or the other, though sometimes we'll all go.

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    Jan 2006

    ATM, DH drops Liebling at pre-school club and I pick him up from after-school club (I start work before club starts, DH gets home about club closing time). I drop off and pick up Tuesdays (my day off) and DH picks up Friday afternoon (short day Friday).

    We have some SAHDs and WAHDs and Office-PT Dads, but DH doesn't do much conversation. I have made friends with some of the W/SAH/OPTMs and know a couple of the dads.

    Next year, we will be carpooling 4 days a week so we will do joint drop-off MTWTh, then I drop off Friday and DH picks up.

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    May 2008
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    Thanks all
    I think we are lucky because dh starts work after school drop off, and can take a break at the end of the day to see them, well some days anyhow. But I find it interesting that its mainly mums. And this is one issue that we talk about when I go back to work, how we manage school routine, and all that stuff.

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    Dec 2005
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    I do or my mum but there are a lot dads at our school, some are SAHD some work PT or have jobs where hours suit for pick ups. Grandparents doing pick ups, other parents helping, big mixture.

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    Apr 2006

    We both do it. I've just gone back to work part time so DH takes the girls two days per week. The other three either I will take them by myself or he will come too. Pickups the three days I'm not in the office I do the pickups, except sometimes on Wednesday if there is an assembly on, then we both go. My office days the girls go home one day with school friends and another day are picked up by after school care.

    One of the benefits of my DH being both self employed and working from home means he has flexibility in his work hours so drop offs are do-able for him. Our school is quite varied - lots of mums, but also a good supply of dads and grandparents.

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    Jun 2010
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    I do drop off. He does pick up (except when I do )

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    Sep 2008

    Only daycare at the moment (three days a week where both working) - but I do drop off and DH does pick up unless there is something on and then we can either switch or I can manage both. We might switch because he starts earlier so can finish earlier but his work seem to see leaving early as not "putting in the effort" because he isn't there, conveniently forgetting he is there in the morning when no one else is, also it might be that he has to finish late so often it is better for us to just switch. I think pick up is easier than drop off - because you don't have to do all the getting kids ready bit (for us the other one is on their way or sorting themselves out to start early so they can get back in time for pick up). In the past when DH worked shifts and had only DD - it depended on what shift he was on but we have always tried to operate a 1 drops 1 picks up. At daycare there are a fair few dads who pick up but the time varies so is hard to know what percentage it is - DH isn't interested in chatting just wants to get home anyway (I suspect school is a bit different in terms of pick up???) - in the morning I am in a rush to get to work so chatting doesn't really happen either - so it has been fun to meet other parents at some of the parties DD has been invited to recently. When it comes to school I suspect we will have to utilize before/after school care and the approach will be the same, one pick up one drop off depending on work requirements.

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    Dec 2007

    I do (obviously!)... there are about 1/3 of the dads from our class do the drop off/pick up, some of those alternate with the mums. Most of the mums in our class though are SAH or WAH mums. Overall, the whole school, I think about 1/3-/12 of the parents at any given collection time are dads.

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    Me. sometimes Andrew on a Friday afternoon if he can be bothered. My friends talk to him though if he goes.

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    Oct 2004
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    Usually DH does the morning drop offs & I do the afternoon pick ups. But at the moment he is only doing Kindy drop offs as the big kids are still settling into a new school & he needs to do the Kiss & go drop off, he hasnt the time to walk them to their classrooms.
    But I will be getting him to start doing it again soon as its tiresome having to get all 5 kids into the car in the mornings on time when he could be doing it on his way to work.