thread: To catch the poo or not?

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    To catch the poo or not?

    I'd love to know what you all think I should do...


    My mum did EC with me, only it didn't have a name. It was just what her mum showed her cos they didn't have nappies (neither sposies nor cloth, I was born in 3rd world). So... they trained me together and I never wore a nappy. I was pretty shocked when my mum admitted that she'd never changed a nappy until DD was born and she told me how I was trained. Even I'd changed nappies before DD was born.


    DD has just started solids and poos have become solid-ish. Sort of toothpaste consistency. ANyway, it seems to really upset her and she has to strain, so I know when she's going to do a poo. Tonight I caught her full poo in the loo (I sat on the loo and put her on my lap between my legs, DH was pretty turned off and also impressed).

    I think nappies are great and use sposies (where I live I'd forever be waiting for towelling to dry). But ever since DD started solid poos, I think she's really uncomfortable pooing, and afterwards if I leave her in a poo-ey nappy for even 5 mins. And I think it smells gross and would rather just get it into the loo if I can. I've had to clean one outfit smeared in solid smelly poo and hope it is my last.


    I want to leave her in nappies and not toilet train until she is a toddler and speaking to me. But if I can catch a poo every so often in the loo, I want to. To sav eher the discomfort and me the cleaning.

    My mum says not to start that yet as we are coming to Sydney (laong haul flight) in 4 weeks, and if I start catching poos, she won't poo in her nappy. And will hold on and get constipated. I believe what she says and have loads of faith in her experience. But I also wanted to know what you all think here.

    Do you think that if I try to catch poos when at home, that she won't poo in her nappy when we are out? And if we are travelling, will that throw her right off? If I wait, she may get more used to the idea of having a pooey nappy? Or if I do try to catch the poos, am I teaching her that her distress is real and poos are to be feared (cos when I think she's going to do one, it's a race to get her clothes and nappies off and onto the loo, so maybe a little bit energetic when I could be hugging her instead).

    Thanks in advance
    (I'm so excited to catch a full poo in the loo! Had to share. TMI: it was tricolore... carrot, avocado and spinach!).

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    Sorry, I don't have any helpful advice (this is the first time I have heard of this technique :$) but I will be watching this thread with interest! Good luck

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    Wow, and only 6 months old too! I have no idea.. no kidies yet! I guess Im just bumping this for you..

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    Well.. I started trying EC with DD when she was 3months, and wees were a rare catch, but she very quickly learned to deliberately poo when I held her on her potty.
    I caught a poo everyday, however sometimes would miss an unexpected additional poo. She didn't seem to mind pooing in her nappy/sitting in poo at all.
    Then we had some sleep issues so I stopped EC for a while, I was way too tired, and since the break, we've struggled to catch poos at all (though I haven't really tried much and also I don't know her timing anymore)
    I'm confident that if I really tried diligently for a week, we could easily get back on track with catching poos.
    DD is currently 5.5 months.
    Hope this helps!

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    We've been EC-ing (in a very slack way!) since B was 3 months. If I put her on the potty when I think she needs to poo, she'll generally do one - she strains too get it out too, but is happy afterwards! Sometimes we do still miss them though, so she evidently won't hold out for the potty if she needs to go.
    If it will keep your little darling more comfortable for the next month, I'd start now. Is there any way you can potty her on the plane? Get a seat insert or something? Good luck!

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    thats an awsome story about you as a bub
    We started catching poo from DS1 at about 6 months and by the time he was 8 months he would do a little grunt and tell us he neeed to go... we would just hold him over our potty to deal with I dont think he "knew" How to hold it till he got older.
    So I dont think this would be a problem, she will just go I would I wouldnt let holidays etc get in the way of EC we dont , cause they have to go

    good luck xx

    Good luck x

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    Thanks everyone. I decided to just go ahead and give it a go. My mum thought that if I was just doing EC part time, then it was no bid deal. She'd still go in the nappy, like everyone else has said. I've been using a padded seat that sits in a normal seat.

    Now we have a catch rate of about 50%. When I miss, it's usually because I'm occupied with something else (on the phone, cleaning, etc) and not paying attention to her.

    And DD is no longer distressed by the poos. She still strains but is used to the solidness of them now. In fact she seems to quite like being on the loo!

    Thanks Boomba. I just realised that the reason mu mum didn't do cloth nappies was cos she didn't have a washing machine. SHe had someone to do her washing by hand, but that doesn't seem very fair does it! A bucket load of pooey cloth nappies (of someone else's baby) to wash by hand!

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    Thats great hun.
    I think its great your mum didnt use nappies...wish I could do the same imagine the reduction of waste if we all didnt use nappies