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Thread: EC and Baby sign language

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    Default EC and Baby sign language

    Continuing my EC research, I have another question. Has anyone combined the use of EC with baby sign language, or just used baby sign language at all?

    It looks like it may be easier down the track when bub isn't a newborn but before they can talk, if they can sign when they need to go...also if they need other things like milk, help etc.

    What are people's experiences?

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    We've been trying to do baby sign (more, finished, toilet, and music as the motivational sign) since B was 7 months but no response yet (she's now 10.5 months). I love the idea of it, so we keep trying, but I suspect we're not consistent enough. Australian Baby Hands has an excellent website with a free downloadable poster of basic signs and lots of good how-to info, if you haven't discovered them yet.

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    I did baby sign with my DD1 but did not do EC with her. Now with DD2 I am beginning EC and will most definately be using baby sign when she is old enough. In my opinion you are spot on, it is fantastic for communication before they can talk plus it marries really well with EC because it is all about being intune and communicating with little ones in ways that work for them first and foremost rather than just in ways that work for us.

    I started baby sign with DD1 at about 6 months but I lacked motivation as I was not really sure it would work and was not really getting much attention or response from her. It was in the back of my mind and I picked it up again nonchalantly at about 12 months (I think from memory??) I just used 2 signs for things we used a lot and which were very definitive constructs and things that DD was highly motivated by - milk and bath. Within a month I was blown away to see DD signing to me one day when another baby near her got a bottle of milk. She wanted milk too and wanted me to know!! It was a revelation and we were off. Very quickly DD was picking up signs for everything and was constantly looking for more. It was so much fun and so easy! It was as if DD was really pleased to have found a way to make herself heard. Lovely!

    Mostly it was a way to back up what we already knew from her by reading other signs and behaviours we had read in her before she was using baby sign but on a number of occasions it did stand on its own as the only way we could make out what she wanted. In EC you will already be well versed in the signals your LO gives you when they need to wee or poo, but having the added benefit of a sign clarifies it, makes it easier for others to understand, makes your baby independant in a way by being able to communicate their needs clearly and helps them control their interaction with people. All good reasons to go for it I say!

    By way of reference, I did buy Baby Sign language kit on ebay, a guide book and reference card, but I think it is a bit of a waste of money. In the end I used the Auslan website to find signs to use as you can plug in any word and find a sign for it. I mixed up a bit of Auslan and Makaton and it worked for us - most signs are the same between methods.

    It will be fun!

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    I have been using when I cue her (psssh) as she pees/poops. She is 1 now but she doesn't use the sign, she just comes over, taps me, gets all serious and starts grunting

    That being said she does the asl sign for drink when she wants a breastfeed so I will still continue to sign as well as cue and use the verbal words as well

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