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    Hi there

    Started EC a while ago on part time basis. Have managed to successfully catch some wees but no poos as yet. Last few weeks have not been too successful on catching much at all. Is this set back normal? Little boy seems to not be too interested in it at the moment, he is 6.5 almost 7 months old. Have been putting him on the potty for around 2 months now. I am just offering chances to go when he gets up from a sleep. Have been noticing also that he is pooing in the morning around 10am, should I just go in and offer potty time to poo into the toilet then put him back to sleep as this is his sleep time?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default EC commencement

    I have tried EC for months with my now 2 yr old DS. Still has not picked up going though. I started him at a young age and it just doesn't seen to sink in that he needs to tell me when he needs to go to the toilet. If I take him without him telling me then he will wee but that's it. I have heard that boys are meant to be slower in learner to go then girls. I need to know more techniques as nothing I have tried is working.

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