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    Elimination Communication

    I was interested in any information on Elimination Communication. DS doesn't let me know when he's got a dirty nappy, so to prevent him from sitting in one, I'd like to get him started in the process of potty-ing.

    Any help would be fantastic.


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    i thought this would work for me a nix , had dh in on it too ... the only thing i saw all day was a tiny penis and tiny butt , pee on the floor and a clean potty .....

    i am dissapointed it didnt work as some lady told me her twins were night time tt by 18months ....
    but i have a toddler that can run like lightning ,and wont sit on a potty unless huge amonts of electrical tape is involved ... nor will he sit on the toilet ... but i must say he does let me know when he is wet ...maybe i should give it another go ..

    set aside a few days where your not going anywhere and keep him nude all day and watch for cues ... have plenty of towells ready .. and if you see him doing a wee try not to shreik it will scare them ... and then they stop peeing ... so your back at square one !! GL

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    Dr Sarah Buckley has heaps of info on this on her site You can try there.

    Dr Sarah J Buckley
    Kelly xx

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    The Tribal Baby site has a lot of great information on EC too.
    She gives plenty of tips to get started and how to continue, whether part-time or full-time.

    Right now is the best time to start EC with your little one though. Offer the potty when he wakes from each sleep and each time you take off his nappy to change it. Sit and play with him while he is on the potty - make it fun. Make pottying part of your nappy change routine.
    Best wishes

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