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Thread: Feeling sensitive?

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    Default Feeling sensitive?

    I am just wondering if there are others out there like me or if you have any suggestions on how to be less sensitive. I wouldn't say I have low self esteem or that I am naturally a teary person, but sometimes (particularly when I've PMS), I am very sensitive to what others say/do.

    For instance, I asked my SIL to babysit two of my kids this morning as I had to see a phsyio and she said she couldn't as they were about to go away for a few days (leaving today). Rationally, that is completely fine, but even as she said no, I felt like crying and wept for about 10 minutes afterwards. I am often reluctant to ask for help as I worry that the other person will say no, or will cancel on me, and it makes me so upset.

    Another example is when DS1's kindy teacher asked me to make sure I put my name down on a voluntary roster as our class were "letting the kindy down". That upset me for about 1/2 a day. Which I know shouldn't have upset me as she was perfectly nice about it, and she didn't know that I had a good reason for not being able to help.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Feeling sensitive?

    I think we can all be a bit sensitive sometimes. I know that I automatically go to a "sensitive" headspace at times. It's probably worth having a hat with someone if it's starting to bother you a bit - only because talking things through can help us understand ourselves a bit better. It sounds like something about the way in think about what is happening is affecting your emotions - the way we think affects how we feel and what we do - it's like a triangle with all components linked - but the thinking is often the bit we forget to manage.

    Cognitive behaviour Strategies can help a bit - but I found that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (google "the happiness trap" by Russ Harris) on top of that has been the best thing I have learnt about in the past couple of years - plus having my own psychologist to debrief how I have been coping and what I am thinking about.

    Being sensitive is perfectly fine - as long as it isn't impacting on your wellbeing nor making you avoid things that you want to do... And it sounds like it might be. Being self aware is also really hard and takes courage. Sounds like you have a lot of courage already to put this stuff out there and that's something to be proud of xox

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