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Thread: Beginning of pcos treatment

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    Hi ,

    im 20 years old , healthy weight and have just started clomid treatment. however my gynaecologist prescribed me with only 25mg of clomid. is that dosage too low ?
    has anyone had any success with this level of dosage ?

    I am awaiting for my period to arrive and then I will start on day 2 of my cycle until day 6. is there anything I can do to improve the chances of conceiving ?

    any success stories or advice would be very much appreciated


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    The first time I went on clomid I started on 50mg and fell pregnant. So the next time with my son he started me on 25mg as he said I was a good responder to 50mg so 25mg might work. It didn't so the next month I was on 50mg and fell pregnant. The usual way to go is they will check if it makes you ovulate and if not up the dosage for the following month and so on. However, if 25mg can get you to ovulate (even though you may not fall pregnant that cycle you would remain on it as it means the clomid is doing its job- getting you to ovulate. A lower dose means less side effects and less chance of a multiple pregnancy

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