Hi ladies.. im new here and just wanted to ask about using robitussin the expectorant type only.! Bit of a short history.. i have a daughter who turned 2 in feb and it took 15months to conceive her. I ended up going to a naturopath which helped. We started trying when she was 10months old as we wanted a close age gap and it took us a while to fall with her. Went back to the same naturopath may 2015 but did phone consults as he moved away. Fast forward 6 months.. nothing so he suggests its a sperm issue not me.. went to a gynae who tested me.. all fine tested hubby better than fine could bottle it and sell it were his words. He suggested laparoscopy and d&c and checking my tubes giving them a flush.. did that nov he said i had thick endometriosis. It was resected and tubes flushed. He told me at my follow up that i should conceive within 6 months and to try robitussin expectorant if im not noticing cm around ovulation. I tried for 1 month but wasnt consistent the following. I saw a new naturopath 5 weeks ago and had my follow up with the new naturopath 1 week ago. He is happy with my progress. He is treating my endo with a couple of medicines and has me on a no caffeine no cola, rainbow, filtered water diet.. this month he put me on a new pre natal and said its a matter of time now. So after that rambling has anyone tried the robitussin and found it helped? I was also suggested acupuncture by a collegue at work. Has anyone tried this and found it worked? I did it last month and did notice a change but forgot to rebook for this month until now and im cd8 which i feel might be too late to go as i was told you should go when you have your period?
Thanks for reading and hope to chat to people soon ☺