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Thread: PCOS and IUI

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    Hi Angela,

    How are you?

    sorry its been awhile, i was having trouble with my password to here. anyways!.

    How was your appointment on the wednesday that you went? would have been last week..
    what stage are you up to at the moment?

    i dont know where i was up to, so they increased my injections to 112.5ml, which improved my bloods, on Monday i went in & i had a follicle at 17, so FS decided it was time, my bloods level came back at over 2000 so i had the procedure done on Tuesday, gosh it was painful, but it was quick which was the good thing, i had my sister with me for support. Afterwards had pain on & off all day, which i read is normal.
    But now i have sore boobs, have you had this? i have read blogs etc, & apparetly few women get sore boobs, reason why i ask is cos i normally get sore boobs a week before my periods are due, without fail. Im hoping its a symptom of iui & not my periods.

    I haveto go back Tuesday for another blood & trigger, but these few days are gonna kill me till i go see FS but whats gonna be hell more, is waiting to know if its worked.

    chat soon xx

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    Hi Jess,

    You mentioned another blood test and trigger? What is the trigger for?

    So you had one follicle and they gave you the trigger shot hcg and then u went back into the docs the next day and had the iui done?

    Just trying to understand where you are up to.

    Well thats great news, I never get sore boobs before a period, the only time i get sore boobs is when i get pregnant.

    My news, well went to doc on wednesday and had 2 follicles at 17mm and 15mm, he asked me to go back this morning and went in today and i now have 3 follicles 2 x 18mm and 1 x 20mm.

    So I had the hcg trigger shot this morning and we go in tomorrow morning for the iui.

    He has also got me on progesterone pessaries starting from sunday evening for 2 weeks. To help support the implantation. Take a pregnancy test in 2 weeks from tomorrow.

    NEver had 3 follicles before.

    So when do you do a pregnancy test?

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