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    Hi guys

    I am new here and have found your posts really helpful. I am on a waiting list to have a lap done to check for endometriosis. My gynie thinks that it is highly likely with the symptoms I have. I am really worried about the lap and this sore shoulder gas thing???, and the possibilities that i might have, and probs with infertility and generally feeling worried!
    I know most of the posts here talk lots about this and that has been great but just wanted to say hi and hopefully learn along the way.

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    Hi Bmuseful,
    Just wanted to say Hi and welcome. I am new her too! I don't have endo but I have PCOS. There are quite a few girls that I have read about here who have had a lap done. It is okay to feel scared- although I cannot offer any advie I am sure you will be fine!
    Take care

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    Hi sweetie, Ive had 9 operations for endo,so Im an expert at it, the shoulder is not that painful really, it's more of a constant ache, and with either panadeine forte or mersyndol, you'll sleep but the pain goes in the day u have it or day after,I didn't even get it with my first 3 operations-so u may not either.

    You shouldn't have probs conceiving after the operation, that's mainly the whole point after the pain factor that is-after all they'll get all the endo out and u should have a fresh start.

    Good Luck sweetie.xxxxx

    PS welcome to BB!!!!! O

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    Nadia said it all really. I'd never had any kind of operation before so I was nervous too but the results are worth it. If you have endo, they will remove it while you are under. Panadeine Forte is great for it. Just remember to rest up and give yourself plenty of time to recover. Hopefully this will do the trick and you will be one of those lucky ducks who conceive quickly afterwards.

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes.


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    Thanks so much for your responses, feeling a bit better now I was happy to read that the shoulder thing is not too bad and that it goes away within a day or two, phew, it sounded horrible. Also I was wondering how much time you guys recommend off work afterwards to recover? how are you managing now? i hope ok?

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    I was just mentioning in one of the other discussions that I had post op twinges for three months but have been fine since.

    I had my lap seven days before going on holiday and I was off work that whole time. After the first three days, there was less pain in the abdomen and just swelling and tiredness from the anaesthetic. It was good to have the chance to rest up and get over it quickly but the cat was very put out at not being able to stand all over me as he usually does.

    I think when it comes to time off, play it by ear. I know I wouldn't have been any good at work until at least a week had elapsed because I couldn't have sat there for any length of time. All I wanted to do was sleep!

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    When I had my laps done I was in a job where I was on my feet for 8 hrs a day in a factory, so I had 3 days off work + 1 weekend and went back to work on the Monday.

    I am managing fine at the moment, but they say that Endo goes into recess for up to 2 years after having a child (well that is what I was told) so I am still in that 2 year period after the birth of my 2nd child.


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    Thanks so much guys, your help is so valuable.

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