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Thread: TTC with endo and cyst

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    Default TTC with endo and cyst

    Hello all. New to the site and I thought I would ask for some advice before I make myself crazy. DH and I have finally agreed it's time TTC I'm 29, been 2 months now trying to time to O, but only contraception for last year was pull out method.

    I have always had heavy painful AF, but just took pain killers and missed work on my first day. In Sept I had my appendix out and they found I have a cyst on my right ovary and had endo on my appendix. No mention of setting it elsewhere, don't know if they looked. AF not to bad for a couple months after surgery, but now getting bad again with discharge for a couple days before it starts.

    I guess my question is when do I go to doctor and get further testing? Should we give it 6 months and just work on my diet (already gluten free) and exercise (I'm a healthy weight)?

    I just don't know if I should even be worried yet, I've just been waiting so long to start this part of my life... Sorry if this post is a little garbled, I
    don't know all the slang yet.


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    Default Re: TTC with endo and cyst

    Hi and welcome to BB!

    I have/had endo and several cysts. My lap was 6 years before we started ttc and I was told the location of my endo (vagina and bowel wall) wouldn't affect my chances of ttc... Not sure whether it did as hubby has fertility issues and it took awhile to conceive both my boys anyway. DS1 was born by CS and the ob mentioned there was lots of scarring on one of my Fallopian tubes and that it was likely scarred over and therefore I wouldn't be ovulating from that side.

    It definitely depends on where they are as to whether it'll affect your chances of ttc. If I were you, I'd see if I could access my notes or somehow find out where the endo and cysts were found, whether they were treated and whether they looked elsewhere. Cysts in themselves are not uncommon, and harmless ones often go away on their own (They found a large cyst at my first pregnancy scan with DS2, but it had all but disappeared by my 20 week scan). I'd imagine if they thought it looked 'iffy', they'd have cut it out/tested it/referred you for further investigations. There are some basic tests your GP can do before you go any further...testing to check you're ovulating and there's also blood tests that may indicate endo. Maybe start there if you're worried, or at least talk to your GP and get their opinion.

    Meanwhile, keep up the healthy lifestyle, take your folate and keep DTD. Fingers crossed you'll be in a belly buddies thread soon...

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