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thread: Ethics of artificial sex selection

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    Much as I want a girl for religious reasons, there is no way I would go through AC and discard an embryo just because it was male.

    I just want a baby to be earthside and healthy, I don't care about the sex of it.

    The only time I'd consider sex selection is for medical reasons, if my OH and I were both carrying the recessive gene that would impact on one sex, then I would consider selection then.

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    personally, i do have an issue with IVF/PGD for gender selection based purely on a WANT basis. the technology is hard enough for the average person with a medical NEED to access at a reasonable price - if it's to become even MORE commercial than it is already, it's going to make it even more unaffordable for those with a NEED, and I have an issue with that. This isn't about me personally - although I know my experiences will color my view to a degree - it's about making access to medical technology fair and appropriate for those who have an actual need for it. It's about making sure there isn't abuse of available technology just because someone can pay for it.
    I totally understand that concern, and I specifically asked my FS about that at my first appointment. I expressed to him my feeling of guilt that I might be taking up time and resources from a couple that were unable to conceive without the IVF system. He responded by asking me "How long did it take you to get an appointment with me?". It took me just under two weeks, and that was even with him only consulting at the clinic 2-3 days a week. He then explained to me that the IVF system is generally only stressed for time and resources in more remote areas where clinics only run periodically. He said that if IVF with PGD for gender selection became available for any couples it would actually increase the amount of money coming into the IVF system (especially considering medicare and PHI wouldn't cover anything) and that it would result in added resources in the long run, and therefore actually benefit infertile couples. I was rather surprised when he told me all that, but it certainly made me feel less guilty.

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    in theory, yes, that might be the way they see it - but a FS is just another business person with a different skill set - they are going to be looking at the dollars coming in and how to expand their business. in a money based, rather than needs based "economy" for IVF, yes, it probably looks fantastic for them.

    but your FS was also looking at the situation with appointments NOW - where there ARE strict controls on who and why access is made available - maybe user pays medicine might not change that - but the cynical side of me thinks it would. there is not going to be a triage system to make sure those with a need are guaranteed priority over those who want.... it's going to be first in best dressed, or the "business" side of things will drive the price up, so it becomes a case of those who can afford it will get preference, and those who are in need of assistance paying for treatment will make up a compulsory, but minimal, portion of "patients" to keep medicare/government/regulatory bodies happy. it's already like this, to a degree, now - but at least it's an even playing field for private patients with rebates etc (well for the most part - safety net thresholds aside) - if the regulation on cost etc that is controlled somewhat by medicare rebate amounts is removed by allowing "full fee paying" services, it is going to drive the price up and those that struggle but make it happen will find treatment they require is out of their budget - so the "wants" get their wants, cos they'll pay whatever it costs, the "needs" miss out cos they can't afford it or places are taken that shouldn't be...

    again, personal filters from having been "in the system" for so long - and probably from looking a bit beyond AU and seeing the user pays system in the US - it's all about who can afford it, not who deserves to have access to the treatment...

    ETA - i don't know the specifics of the gender linked issue you used PGD to avoid, but i know there was one - so your circumstances are the type that PGD should be used for!

    FWIW - my first FS appt took 2 months, once i was "in the system" - it was generally about a month from ringing to getting appointment - and anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to get a spot in the local clinic. had the IUI the conceived DD not worked, it would have been May-November between treatment cycles as i couldn't be slotted into the clinic in the August due to limited places available...
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