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Thread: Nestle: Brands To Avoid

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    Exclamation Nestle: Brands To Avoid

    We'll compile a list of Nestle brands in this list. If you wish to add any brands please make sure it's up-to-date and current.

    Nestle owned brands and products

    Nestle Australia

    a.o. Muesli Bars
    Acqua Panna Mineral Water
    Aero Chocolate
    Aero Dessert
    Allens Confectionery
    Allens Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Andronicus Coffee
    Anticol Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Baci Chocolate
    Beneful Dog Food
    Bertie Beetle Chocolate
    Branston Condiments
    Butter Menthol Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Carnation Milk
    Caro Powdered Drinks
    Chew N Kleen Dog Treats
    Chokito Chocolate
    Club Dessert
    Club Chocolate
    Coffeemate Powdered Drinks
    Connoisser Ice Cream
    Country Cup Soup (packet)
    Crunch Chocolate
    Ecco Powdered Drinks
    Fancy Feast Cat Food
    Friskies Cat Food
    Friskies Pet Care
    Fruit Tingles Confectionery
    GoCat Cat Food
    Golden Rough Chocolate
    Growling Dog Protein Bars
    International Roast Coffee
    K9 Fish Food Pet Food (other)
    Kit Kat Chocolate
    KraMar Dog Treats
    Lactogen Baby Formula
    Le Snak Muesli Bars
    Life Savers Confectionery
    Lucky Dog Dog Food
    Lucky Dog Dog Treats
    Maggi Packet Meals
    Maggi Noodles
    Maggi Sauces
    Maggi Stock
    Mighty Dog Dog Food
    Milky Bar Chocolate
    Milo Dessert
    Milo Powdered Drinks
    Milo Muesli Bars
    Mint Pattie Chocolate
    Mint Slice Chocolate
    Minties Confectionery
    Musashi Protein Bars
    Musashi Protein Powder
    Musashi Weight Loss
    Nan Baby Formula
    Nescafe Coffee
    Nesquik Powdered Drinks
    Nestle Dessert
    Nestle Baby Formula
    Nestle Chocolate
    Nestle Baking (other)
    Nestle Confectionery
    Nestle Ice Cream
    Nestle Powdered Drinks
    Nestle Yoghurt
    Nestle Milk
    Nestle Muesli Bars
    One Cat Food
    One Dog Food
    Perrier Mineral Water
    Pet Life Pet Care
    Peters Ice Cream
    Peters Farm Yoghurt
    Polly Waffle Chocolate
    Power Bar Protein Powder
    Power Bar Protein Bars
    Purina Cat Food
    Purina Dog Food
    Purina Dog Treats
    Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter
    Quaker Oats & Brans
    Quality Streets Chocolate
    Quick-Eze Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Quick-Eze Digestive Care
    Rolo Dessert
    Rolo Chocolate
    San Bitter Mineral Water
    San Pellegrino Mineral Water
    Skinny Cow Ice Cream
    Smarties Chocolate
    Soothers Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Steam Rollers Confectionery
    Sunshine Milk Powder
    Supercoat Cat Food
    Supercoat Dog Food
    Supercoat Dog Treats
    Sustagen Powdered Drinks
    Sustagen Flavoured Milk
    Thomy Salad Dressing/Mayonnaise
    Throaties Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Total Care Pet Food (other)
    Total Care Pet Care
    Uncle Tobys Bread
    Uncle Tobys Cake Mix
    Uncle Tobys Oats & Brans
    Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars
    Uncle Tobys Popcorn
    Violet Crumble Chocolate
    Vittel Bottled Water
    Wonka Chocolate
    Wonka Confectionery
    XXX Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Zones Lozenges, Mints & Gum

    Cereal Partners Australia
    Healthwise Cereal
    Morning Sun Muesli
    Nestle Cereal
    Plus Cereal
    Purina Health Foods Co. Muesli
    Uncle Tobys Cereal
    Uncle Tobys Muesli
    Vita Brits Cereal

    Galderma Australia
    Cetaphil Skin Care
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    Peter's icecream
    The Uncle Toby's Company
    The AO nut bars
    MAGGI Noodles
    CARNATION Evaporated Milk
    Country Cup Packet soups
    Lean Cuisine
    Sunshine Milk Powder
    Aero Bars
    Violet Crumble
    allens Lollies
    Mint Patties
    Golden Rough
    Butter Menthol
    Skinny Cow
    Purina Pet Food
    NESLAC Toddler Gold

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    Can I ask why these products should be avoided?

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    Nestle has a history of giving formula to women in Third world countries and encouraging them to formula feed over breastfeeding. Many of these women then lose their milk, can't afford the formula (especially well-balanced formula) and their babies die or have severe nutritional deficiencies.

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    Yeah.. it's just standing up to a VERY unethical company, who have their dirty little fingers in so many brands and products! It's a boycott that has pretty much been going on since the 80's isn't it? Unfortunately the boycott doesn't seem to affect them much... but I prefer to not pump money into their pockets.

    There are 2 products that I continue to buy, but otherwise I do my best to avoid Nestle. And it's amazing just how much has their stamp on it! It pretty much leaves you with 1 or 2 choices of icecream, yoghurt etc.

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    What Kysalyss said. They give free formula to women who don't need it in order to create a market. Because women in developing nations might not have access to clean water and the means to sterilise equipment formula can cause diseases which are often fatal.
    Some women try to save money by feeding formula at half strength this leads to nutritional deficiencies/starvation.

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    For icecream try the Weis brand. OMG!! It's icecream heaven. No nasty additives and it comes from QLD. It costs a bit more but IMO it's better to pay extra for quality.

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    kirsty_lee Guest


    Ahhh, thank you for explaining that girls! I thought it was an uproar cause it was all going american or something. WOw.. well from looking at the list there really isn't anything that i buy from them. With maybe the exception of Milo for Ava as a treat...And Maggi Macaroni... What can I substitute Milo with? that is the same without the sugar etc

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    KL, Aldi do one, dunno whta the brand is or anything but worth a look?

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    Oh NO! Allens???? Dammit.

    KL, have a look on FB, a few of the girls have posted a (very sad) pic of the examples of an FF baby in a 3rd world country.

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    We buy ovaltine. You could also try Acktive (sp) or sustagen.
    Nearly all the ski schools in Australia are sponsored by Milo. My boys came back last week demanding hot milo *sigh*. It was such effective marketing I nearly wanted to cry.

    ETA - lulu try The Natural Confectionary Company. I promise you that once you try their yummy lollies that you will stop buying the other brands. We are so hooked on their dinosaurs.

    ETA 2 - KL you can find the picture Lulu is talking about in the following link but please be aware that it is a very harrowing picture and story. Please don't click it if you are feeling fragile

    ETA - Ovaltine is mmmmkay. I'll have to find something else

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    kirsty_lee Guest


    Yeah lulu I saw that at like 6.30 this morning and cried into my cup of coffee

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    Such a shame about Smarties as they finally updated the colourings to be more friendly.

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    I second Natural Confectionary, you just can't go back after you've had them, makes eating Allens feel like your chewing on a ball of rubber!

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    I grew up on Milo, but switched to Ovaltine and it's yum. Or if I'm feeling really fiendish, I'll melt some Lindt chocolate with milk....mmmmmm.

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    Just check the ethical guide and Ovaltine is on the best to avoid list. This is not easy!

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    *sigh* horlicks and sustagen are bad too but Akta-Vite got a tick and Cadbry's too.

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    I think Uncle Toby's have recently been bought by Nestle. Also check Country Cup (the soups).

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