thread: Nestle: Brands To Avoid

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    San Pellegrino water is Nestle'

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    in the ning nang nong

    here's an updated list from the ethical shopping guide website. not all are included in the wikipedia list.

    Nestle Australia

    a.o. Muesli Bars
    Acqua Panna Mineral Water
    Aero Chocolate
    Aero Dessert
    Allens Confectionery
    Allens Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Andronicus Coffee
    Anticol Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Baci Chocolate
    Beneful Dog Food
    Bertie Beetle Chocolate
    Branston Condiments
    Butter Menthol Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Carnation Milk
    Caro Powdered Drinks
    Chew N Kleen Dog Treats
    Chokito Chocolate
    Club Dessert
    Club Chocolate
    Coffeemate Powdered Drinks
    Connoisser Ice Cream
    Country Cup Soup (packet)
    Crunch Chocolate
    Ecco Powdered Drinks
    Fancy Feast Cat Food
    Friskies Cat Food
    Friskies Pet Care
    Fruit Tingles Confectionery
    GoCat Cat Food
    Golden Rough Chocolate
    Growling Dog Protein Bars
    International Roast Coffee
    K9 Fish Food Pet Food (other)
    Kit Kat Chocolate
    KraMar Dog Treats
    Lactogen Baby Formula
    Le Snak Muesli Bars
    Life Savers Confectionery
    Lucky Dog Dog Food
    Lucky Dog Dog Treats
    Maggi Packet Meals
    Maggi Noodles
    Maggi Sauces
    Maggi Stock
    Mighty Dog Dog Food
    Milky Bar Chocolate
    Milo Dessert
    Milo Powdered Drinks
    Milo Muesli Bars
    Mint Pattie Chocolate
    Mint Slice Chocolate
    Minties Confectionery
    Musashi Protein Bars
    Musashi Protein Powder
    Musashi Weight Loss
    Nan Baby Formula
    Nescafe Coffee
    Nesquik Powdered Drinks
    Nestle Dessert
    Nestle Baby Formula
    Nestle Chocolate
    Nestle Baking (other)
    Nestle Confectionery
    Nestle Ice Cream
    Nestle Powdered Drinks
    Nestle Yoghurt
    Nestle Milk
    Nestle Muesli Bars
    One Cat Food
    One Dog Food
    Perrier Mineral Water
    Pet Life Pet Care
    Peters Ice Cream
    Peters Farm Yoghurt
    Polly Waffle Chocolate
    Power Bar Protein Powder
    Power Bar Protein Bars
    Purina Cat Food
    Purina Dog Food
    Purina Dog Treats
    Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter
    Quaker Oats & Brans
    Quality Streets Chocolate
    Quick-Eze Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Quick-Eze Digestive Care
    Rolo Dessert
    Rolo Chocolate
    San Bitter Mineral Water
    San Pellegrino Mineral Water
    Skinny Cow Ice Cream
    Smarties Chocolate
    Soothers Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Steam Rollers Confectionery
    Sunshine Milk Powder
    Supercoat Cat Food
    Supercoat Dog Food
    Supercoat Dog Treats
    Sustagen Powdered Drinks
    Sustagen Flavoured Milk
    Thomy Salad Dressing/Mayonnaise
    Throaties Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Total Care Pet Food (other)
    Total Care Pet Care
    Uncle Tobys Bread
    Uncle Tobys Cake Mix
    Uncle Tobys Oats & Brans
    Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars
    Uncle Tobys Popcorn
    Violet Crumble Chocolate
    Vittel Bottled Water
    Wonka Chocolate
    Wonka Confectionery
    XXX Lozenges, Mints & Gum
    Zones Lozenges, Mints & Gum

    Cereal Partners Australia
    Healthwise Cereal
    Morning Sun Muesli
    Nestle Cereal
    Plus Cereal
    Purina Health Foods Co. Muesli
    Uncle Tobys Cereal
    Uncle Tobys Muesli
    Vita Brits Cereal

    Galderma Australia
    Cetaphil Skin Care

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    wow! I did okay there...I don't consciously boycott Nestle but I don't eat anything on the list so all is good!!

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    And just when you think you are safe. my DD2 has to have nasal feeds and the pump and feeds are nestle grr have no choice though

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    I struggle too, with what to replace MILO with.
    I was going to suggest Ovaltine, but the rights are owned by Nestlé in the US, but Associated British Foods otherwise...

    ETA: just re-read the first page and noticed that Ovaltine has already been discussed. That'll teach me to speed read while BFing!
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