As a relative newcomer to the ethical shopping world (after a visit to the National Zoo in December) my shopping habits have changed considerably. I am finding it easier and easier to opt for the ethical brands. Old faves have gone and I'm finding new things. I've even switched to crystal deodorant spray and, was pleasantly surprised to find that I can do without my rexona and I do not smell! I was convinced this stuff was made for and by hippies who didn't care if they smelt - well, I was proven wrong wasn't I?!!

Interestingly though, my shopping bill has lowered (albiet slightly). What I pay for more in ethical products I save by not buying mass-produced, over-priced products that I (and my family) live without. Our produce from the vege patch has increased and a great deal more items are homemade.

Second hand is wonderful!

We bought the most divine dining room suite for $700 on gumtree. It includes a dining table and six chairs and a buffet unit. And, it's antique! I recently saw a similar suite in an antique shop (it had the same manufacturer's design) and they were selling the chairs at $160 each! and the table, which was not quite as detailed as ours was $650. Me thinks I have a bargain. The suite is solidly built (made of English Oak) and will, in all likelihood, last at least another 100 years.

I would love to hear of your tips in shopping. I've downloaded the Shop Ethical app for my phone which is so handy for when I'm out and about and bought the booklet.