thread: Shop Ethical-Apps?

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    Oct 2003
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    Shop Ethical-Apps?

    I've been using the App for my iPhone lately at the shops, mainly its good for food shopping, but I wish I had a shop ethical for clothes!!! I've been watching heaps of youTube videos on human trafficking and want to become more conscious about what we buy. We are very conscious with regards to chocolate and coffee and food items.... but I guess I want to be the best ethical buyer I can possibly be.

    Anyone use these apps? Anyone have more apps or know more websites that list companies and let you know what the best options are?

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    Jul 2005

    I had last year's and this year's is a good upgrade. Well worth the cost. I don't tend to use it prescriptively (ie I will make up my own mind from what I know of a company - but then I work in this area), but I love knowing who owns what brands to help me make an informed decision.

    I wish there was one that just covered companies, like you can get online. Maybe I should look again.